Private lease interesting? You can now read all the ins and outs.


You don’t even need in the market for with the latest rage in the field of driving a car to be confronted: private lease is currently the weapon of dealers and importers of new, especially small cars to ‘sell’. Is private lease interesting? In this article you will read all the ins and outs.

Was the lease a few years ago only for companies interesting, more and more individuals choose for this form of finance. And admittedly, I also see with surprise how your payments is getting lower and lower seem to be in a time where everyone yells that driving is more expensive and more expensive. How can that be? Are there snags? Time to the phenomenon of private lease with a critical eye to analyze.

Up to ten thousand kilometres per year

The offers are flying around the ears: those who are looking for rides for less than 200 euros per month in a new car, where the gasoline is still required. Well, you have the basic version of a city car under the butt, and you are allowed up to ten thousand kilometres per year. Is that realistic? With such a car I think. On average, driving the private car owner in the Netherlands about thirteen thousand kilometers per year, so if you are just slightly below that average, it’s easy to do. Because, and that is the first disadvantage of private lease, if you have more drives than that ten thousand kilometres per year, you pay for every extra km. And strong also.

This brings me to the biggest disadvantage of private lease. You close a contract and are therefore obligated to a certain period of time in the car to continue driving. The longer the contract, the lower the monthly fee. Do you want to for whatever reason (change of job, moving, starting a family) before your lease car, you pay a penalty. And that can really adds up, especially if you don’t as long in your car. So, look very carefully at the terms and conditions and make an assessment of how sure you are of your situation in the coming years can estimate for you a signature move. Incidentally, there are more and more private leases with the early buyout of the contract is handled correctly, but you understand it all: the monthly fee is a bit higher. Also good to know: the most private leases are as loan SEARCHES registered. If you want to buy a house, then such a registration will affect your ability to get a mortgage.

How can private lease so cheap?

How can private lease so cheap? This mainly has to do with the fact that money is cheap at the moment. And by that I mean that a lot of captives (financieringstakken of importers and dealer holdings) cheap credit. At a minimal interest finance they have a fleet of cars. Add to this that the sales of new cars are under pressure, now we out of the crisis, and dealers want to earn money on maintenance and you’ll understand that each brand has as many cars as possible the market wants to push. It will not in the sale, but by means of finance lease.

You go critical count, then four years in a new Aygo, Up or i10 not expensive at all. After all, these cars are also used car is very popular and as a result, the residual value is high. The road tax remains well below the three tens per month, and the insurance premium is just like. Most brands give three, four or even five year warranty on the car and if you drive less than the average, are two small and a major overhaul in four years is sufficient. That is not also a lot of costs, because wear parts such as tires and brakes keep the four year, full of and unexpected repairs will be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. In short, if you know how long and how much you will drive with the car, you can pretty accurately calculate what the costs during that time will be. Put that against the 48 lease payments and the difference would be in the advantage of buy self from falling I think. But… then of course you have to have twelve thousand euros to invest. And if you wish to privately borrow, to fly over the percent, all of a sudden through the air. So that is something to be equally good by to count.

Private lease interesting? I think in some cases it may be so. But you also have a very critical look at your own situation, whether or not to have savings and to determine how sure you need for mobility for the period of time that you are entering into a contract. Well count is so important. And if you are going to lease, then one last tip: make sure that the provider is Label Private Lease. You know, in any case, that it is not a woekerpolis.

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