Makes the BMW 420i Coupé also drive great?


To BMW depends a intense hint of lust, passion, quality, sportiness and reliability. I drove with the 420i Coupe and was looking out or this BMW also drive great.

And again, we have a nekkendraaier. Because that is the BMW 420i Coupe, especially in the color Snapper Rocks Blue. One thing is for sure, stand out do you do with this color. Do you want that not or slightly less, than I would a more neutral color. But maintain ‘t.

It is not only the color that the 4-series remarkable. His aggressive but forgiving front end, sleek coupé-line and for many imaginative ass are design examples where many car manufacturers a thing can suck. They make the 420 in my opinion one of the most beautiful modern coupé’s at this time around.

Exceptionally high level of finish

Also inside the car everything looks great. They should at Lexus than Takumi, what they at BMW have I don’t know, but the finish is at least of the same level as that of the Japanese. As you Germans would expect, there is also the BMW 420i perfect and beautiful in each other.

A four-cylinder engine with 183 hp in a car of 1.570 kilo have to work hard. And feel and hear you even if you give him the spores. Huge lot of corridor is not in and you will be treated to a hoogtoerig engine noise. It has the automatic gearbox and occasionally struggled to determine whether he is well or not to switch. And if he switches, that’s also not as fast as you would expect from a BMW.

Brilliant road holding

No, the 420i Coupé should the motor not have the racing aspirations that we of many other BMW’s to know. This car is all about beauty, luxury and comfort. Though this last one is again slightly less than in the sedans or tourings of the Bavarian car manufacturer. The Coupé is best firmly afgeveerd. But what is good for the brilliant handling.

The 420 is -even if there is – if a block of concrete on the road. And if you wonder about the wrote is going or wants to go, then he is very easily in the track. This car, we go in the future, check back often to see if driftauto, because it looks like he was made for. What a fun you can with this car!


I wondered if this BMW 420i Coupe drive just as amazing as any other BMW’s, such as, for example, 530i xDrive sedan or 740LE iPerformance where I drove. This he does largely, but not completely. The design is amazing, the luxury is overwhelming, the quality is superb and the handling is great, even though makes sure that last for a little less comfort, less tight roads. But if you are sporty and want to drive and there you can buy a BMW a lot – then it is a bigger engine really advisable. And then also the manual gearbox. However, if you want just a nice relaxed cruising, than you will be with the 420i are more than satisfied.


Brand: BMW
Model: 420i
Type: Coupe
Fuel: Gasoline
Engine capacity: 1.998 cc four-cylinder
Power: 183 hp
Top speed: 235 km/h
0-100: 7.5 seconds
Gearbox: 8 f., sequential automatic transmission
Weight: 1.470 kg
Price from: 44.738,- euro
Price driven model: 66.968,- euro