Five numbers that you have not yet had the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio


There is already a lot written about the mighty Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, the 510 hp supersedan from Italy. The most is already known, but after a day on the trail with this violence and a bit of searching, I found five facts that you probably didn’t know.

A strange number, but this is the number of kilograms that the hood weighs. Made entirely of carbon, it contributes to the relatively low weight of the Q. Also, the roof, the drive shafts and the aerodynamic issues are made from this material. In addition, there is extensive use will be made of light aluminium for example for the wheel suspension and side shields.

But just as important as the low weight is that the engineers these materials is clever to use a perfect 50/50 weight distribution over the front and rear wheels have managed to achieve. And this makes for a particularly good handling. Not for nothing is the Q king of the Nordschleife.

As much as Giulia Quadrifoglio’s are there in our country sold, which -how could it be otherwise the largest share (39%) is red. Of course, this is the Alpha color of choice, but after the Giulia Q in black to have seen, I doubt what the best is.

The black gives this car namely a gift of menacing atmosphere, especially with the dark rims too. It also seems like the carbon front spoiler (which is at 100 kilometres per hour will automatically go down for even more grip), side skirts, and diffuser with four huge exhausts, more part of the car, and the more one whole. And if then also the rear side windows and rear window tinted, then there is a seriously badass car.
This is the number of milliseconds that the machine it takes to move from one resistance in the other. For illustration, it takes just as long as your eyes blink. For this quickest time you have the car in Race position, which is the most throttle response of the 510 hp, 600 Nm strong at 2.9 liter V6, and with the Traction Control you almost completely take the reins in the hands.

And that last is no easy feat, because the Q is a beast. 510 hp is a lot of power and although the Giulia four-wheel drive, the majority of them to the rear wheels. And if you even drive on wet roads, even the Alpha Active Torque Vectoring system, great effort, traction to keep. Result: a car that with a little too much gas, it purrs.

It is better for the car in the Dynamic mode. You will then barely on sharpness, but you have a whole zwik to electronic devices of the car slightly in the heel keep, allowing your heart rate to a more normal level can drop. If you want the Race mode, then make sure you are a good driftopleiding.

The are a lot of euro’s that you have to lay the ceramic brake discs, but they are recommended. The snelheidspotentieel of the Giulia Quadrifoglio is immense. In 3.9 seconds, you’re on the 100 kilometers per hour with a top speed of 307, the fastest street Alfa Romeo ever made! And despite this impressive figures are, they can’t describe what happens if you use full acceleration.
For quite a while looking for the car to grip to then you just might be and you so hard in your chair to press that lean forward even just an illusion. And once your brain think to get used to the massive acceleration, you get into the higher rpm at which the Q also has a scoop on top. And before you know it, the vending machine already has a higher gear is chosen and the party begins again. A seemingly endless maelstrom of raw power, where after the first few times really just to come.

Not only are you doing yourself a huge fun and enjoyment by Giulia Quadrifoglio to buy, but with almost 40,000 euro in taxes, help you get to the treasury is enormous. Because in spite of smart techniques that make for more efficiency, those 510 trappelende Italian horses to come from somewhere. And so, emissions are on the high side, with high taxes as a result.

This means that you for a Giulia Quadrifoglio machine from 112.930,- euro to pay, and with some extra options such as the ceramic brake discs, the testauto on 128.350,- euro. Of course, this is a huge sum of money, you buy for example a nice Giulietta Veloce and 4C. That you are a hardcore sports car and a very fast car for daily use. But the Giulia Quadrifoglio is so cool because he is both. Incredibly fast, unbeatable as a street-legal car on the circuit, but still a practical, comfortable, elegant Italian reisauto. What more can you wish for?

Brand: Alfa Romeo
Model: Giulia
Type: Quadrifoglio
Fuel: Gasoline
Engine capacity: 2.900 cc V6 turbo
Power: 510 hp
Torque: 600 Nm
Top speed: 307 km/h
0-100: 3.9 seconds
Transmission: eight speed automatic transmission
Weight: 1.595 kg
Price from: 112.930,- euro
Price driven model: 128.350,- euro