So you can low-budget and for less than five thousand euros for a season of sports car racing


“A lot of people see the opportunity to substantially less than five thousand euro for a whole season of racing.” That says a racing icon, and Dutch National Racing Team (DNRT), the figurehead Huub Vermeulen. Vermeulen organises accessible car racing events, including the Peugeot 206 GTi Cup which I gastrace reed. In took a look behind the scenes of the competitive Cup.

Vermeulen realize that 5,000 euro is also quite a lot of money. “Especially if it is from the budget should be paid for. But most people have no idea what racing costs and think that it’s at 100 thousand euros begins. Than 5,000 euros.”

To be able to race, you have first of all, you racelicentie necessary. To possession of it you need to get an racecursus follow that, for example, in the by the legendary Dutch race-car driver founded Rensportschool Zandvoort. Make sure you have a good helmet and gloves. The course you can just in your jeans and sport shoes do, but if you still want to go sports car racing, buy thank you racegear.

Once your license is in your pocket and clothes in the closet, the real work begins. You can you a lot of money for purchasing a racing team, or crazier still, a team from Woking or Maranello in the air. For those who are unable or unwilling to pay, there are other possibilities. For example, low budget, or for a reachable amount, racing in the Peugeot 206 GTi Cup.

The Peugeot 206 GTi Cup

The Peugeot 206 GTi Cup –click here to visit the website for all the information– is a fun, competitive and -with more than 35 participants per race – spectacular racing series for people of all ages. Also in this class you can buy, everything is for sale, but it could be even cheaper by doing it all themselves. For nothing goes the sun up, but you can for a few hundred euros per race, a great race day or weekend. Moreover, it is in the 206 GTi Cup possible to have multiple drivers to drive the expenditure to distribute.

The driedeurs Peugeot 206 GTi 138 bhp 2.0-litre and ended engine where in the Cup racing is, was, between 1999 and 2002, produced in large numbers. In the Netherlands it is the best-selling Peugeot ever, so there was lots of cars and parts available and the car is easy to build and to maintain. This ensures that the purchase and the maintenance are relatively inexpensive. A good 206 GTi you can buy from some thousand euros.

If you have the car with registration number once in your possession, begin the technical work. You get the aspiring racer empty and buy for 2,500 euros, and the cupkit with race parts. In the racekit are a lot of parts such as a roll cage, seat, belts, fire extinguisher, shock absorbers and tires to the car is technically in order, safe and raceklaar. Also do you have to the car for the first race and a great turn with new timing belt, oil and brake fluid so that the chance of bad luck during a race is minimal. If you are going racing do you do this well once, yet to win and you don’t want to come to standstill due to a simple technical hitch that you could have prevented.

Racing does not need to be expensive

If the car raceklaar is created, it is waiting for the first race. You can get the vehicle to a autoambulance or in a race trailer to load, but it also lets you to drive the track. This can even be on the Interstate racing tires in the kit, which are straatlegaal and costs not the world. Once the circuit has arrived, and you can do it again, as expensive and inexpensive as you want to.

If you have a pit box, VIP lounge, rent or hospitality trailer rent or buy you are as you understand quite a bit of duiten lighter. A spacious marquee of three by four or four by six meters you can buy new for 150 euro. Such a tent is spacious enough to have a car and will suffice to make you and your car to protect it from the rain or sun. You would even have a fridge and a bar with snacks and drinks for your fans and sponsors.

As you can see, need racing not to be expensive. However you can be as crazy as you want. The Peugeot 206 GTi Cup is in the base in any case affordable. More information about the cup you can find on and!