The Ford Transit Custom, now with automatic transmission


Previously went Driving-Dutchman already on the path with the Transit Custom Sport and we were very pleased with the power and handling of this ‘sporty’ van. The Ford Transit where we are now on a path went had a less powerful engine, but this was now linked to an automatic transmission.

Finally that machine
It is always striking how few trucks were delivered with an automatic transmission. Because in our country, with bustling cities and the continuous traffic jams on the motorways, do you, as a driver of a delivery truck very fast ready with that link button. And yet it was a popular bus if the Transit only comes with a manual gearbox. Until now.

The SelectShift automatic transmission in the Transit Custom and of course also in the other Transit variants in our testauto linked to a 2.0-litre EcoBlue diesel engine with 130 hp and approved for the Euro6 standard. And that combination works very well. The gearbox turns smoothly and by the early present torque of 385 Nm, the engine is no problem in the car from his place to get. Not even with a huge load. You also have the ability to switch with a conveniently placed button on the lever itself. But in practice you actually rarely use.
Power was
Despite the fact that this diesel 40 horsepower less than the Sport, where we bring reason, you can with this Transit still very sporty to drive. In fact, the gearbox and engine seem to you only but to encourage it in order to drive. Nice, but the combination of the automatic transmission and a sporty driving style make for a not very favourable consumption of an average of 1 10.5.

The handling of the Transit Custom is a van, very good. As we often find in cars of Ford, they have also in their commercial vehicles, a good combination of sportiness and comfort.
Convenient and modern
The interior of the Custom looks clean and modern with a clear infotainment system. Even the standard chairs are easy to set up and support you even at long distances enough. And, of course, there are plenty of pockets and practical solutions that we are accustomed to in company vehicles.
Also the cargo space of the Custom is sufficient for a mid size truck with 8.3 cubic feet of cargo space. And a handy hatch under the passenger seats ensures that you also long objects easy. What is striking is that Ford are vans delivers with a protection for the floor which is extra smooth seems to be. Fortunately, there are plenty of eyes where you take things in hands, lashing, because otherwise it slides all already at the first turn through the entire cargo space.

The addition of an automatic transmission to the range of the Ford Transit Custom is a very good idea. It makes this good running van just a little bit easier in our country to drive along. The automatic transmission makes for more peace in the busy cities and on congested highways, and that is what someone who spend the whole day on the road, can use. Add to this the good practical, employability and you have an excellent package. For our richly decorated testauto you pay 33.100,- euros ex BPM ex VAT, but you have been driving a Transit Custom automatic transmission from 27.075 euros ex BPM ex VAT.

Brand: Ford
Model: Transit Custom
Type: 290 L2H1 Trend
Fuel: Diesel
Engine capacity: 1.996 cc four-cylinder
0Vermogen: 130 hp
Torque: 385Nm
Top speed: 158 km/h
Gearbox: automatic
Weight: 2.031 kg
Price from: 18.395,- euro (ex BPM ex VAT)
Price driven model: 33.100,- euro (ex BPM ex VAT)
Load capacity: up to 909 kilograms
Inner box: 8,3 m3
Towing capacity: 1.600 kg