The future of EV’s according to the technical expert Bert Pennock


One of the requirements is to sail, is that with some regularity the zeilenvoering need to be modified at the rate that is needed. As a sailor I understand that, and understood also that the sails of Tech|X only attention required. After the sails have been adjusted, I am delighted to welcome back the space and time to have found in order to get rid of me, can talk via Driving-Dutchman.

For Tech|X, there is a new world added; the electric drive (EV). New in the sense that these cars, in my perception, not broken, and apparently in terms of technology, very boring. Now I know better. At the request of a very valued client, together with, a workshop on this item which Tech|X forced themselves again in this matter in to life.

About the disadvantages of ‘The New Driving’, also by me, a lot of negative written. The ‘New Electric Ride’, however, provides many solutions to problems that are present in a large number of contemporary fossil-fired vehicles. Many of these problems in my opinion stem from the complete miscommunication between companies and national governments.

Game between electric and fossil

Add a touch of unreliability, which are still in great numbers, thrives and voila, all the ingredients are present for a soup that automotive hot. I notice in the question – and-answer session between electric and fossil vehicles a polarizing effect. Say a kind Pete discussion. It plays out between environmentalists and petrolheads, with nuance, for convenience, is pushed away. And I..? I stand in between, both of them next to each other their -whether or not self-chosen path – finding.

So over the next few years, not instead of, but ‘join the group’. However, it’s only wrong if one of the parties wants to know to impose on the other, a human trait which in any culture prevents. There should concessions be made, such as a bijtellings or subsidiedingetje. This discussion goes so far, that we eventually arrive at little children in a foul-smelling my cobalt to the top. Indeed, a legitimate discussion worthy. To govern is to look ahead, looking ahead, you can arm and/or can anticipate, so be warned.

Zwarte Piet will be in the upcoming debates pale in comparison! Incidentally, I want to as a techy still one thing to lose; by EV I mean a true EV (Electric Vehicle) and HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle). I find that flesh nor fish, and the result of angsthazerij. We have to, but yes, what? Elon Musk is different, do so and accept all of the skepticism, do not get distracted and do what you want to do and f… the rest!

I hope that hybristen under you and I can go convince that they also may be in the culture of automotive, deserve a place. For now I keep a nice ride in my Volvo S60 D5, with about 370 k. Love it!