The new Volkswagen Amarok, commercial vehicles or luxury car?


“Is the new Volkswagen Amarok a bedrijfspick-up, an SUV, or the link between them?”, I wonder as I lookout over a huge blue hood, supported by a 14 ways adjustable ErgoComfort heated leather chair.

A sneeuwwolf?
The new Amarok, named after a mythical Inuit sneeuwwolf, is an impressive and beautiful appearance. By the correct proportions, he looks tough and large without log. The front is imposing with a huge shiny grille in which the term V6 to read, which more.

Further changes include new bumpers with integrated mistverlichting and LED daytime running lights which, together with the new Bi-Xenon headlights for excellent visibility in dark conditions. Also, there are a number of new colors such as the beautiful and beautiful-sounding Ravenna blue of our testauto and has the interior been given an update.
The strength of the large V6
A large technical change of the new Amarok, we find in the field of motorization. Was this pick-up had always been equipped with a 2.0 TDI, the new version is standard with a 3.0 TDI V6 Bluemotion delivered. This comes in three different capacities: a version with 163 hp and 450 Nm, one with 205 hp and 500 Nm, and the provisional strongest variant with 225 horsepower and 550 Nm by a boosting function even up to 10 seconds 245 hp supplies.

The V6 is linked by default to an 8-speed DSG -automatic transmission, and drives via the 4MOTION system to all four wheels. Our testauto had one of the strongest V6 and that is to brands. The Amarok pulls quickly helped by the rapid switching points of the DSG gearbox and is in with 7.9 seconds to 100 km/h. In addition, he flips his hand not to load with a maximum towing weight of 3.5 tonnes and a maximum load of up to 1,000 pounds. For this maximum loading weight you need, however the additional leaf springs to tick in the options list, otherwise the maximum load weight cross at 842 pounds.
So a company car?
And not only can the Amarok a lot of weight to the box to 1,222 mm wide, this strong pick-up is also large enough to fit a euro Pallet crosswise in to load. This concerns the relatively high side panels that the cargo remains are, of course, lashed to one of the many eyes in the bin. Also located in this cargo area, a 12-Volt plug, which for different purposes fixed.

And then one of the most attractive things for entrepreneurs. Because the Amarok as the Nissan Navara, with an extended loading box can be provided, it is possible to a full double cab and five seats on grey plates.
All in all, the Amarok so all the functionality of a good strong car. But why still the question in the introduction whether he’s not secretly a SUV is? That started with our testauto at the appearance. We stayed in a luxury Highline variant, which, among other things, was a fashionable 20-inch rims. Together with the flashy grille, the shiny STAINLESS steel roll bars (with integrated third brake light) and the beautiful blue color, is there a car that you fancy you can call and not worthy a luxury shopping street.
Luxury interior
And this is going to be in the interior. The dashboard is neat and doesn’t feel like that of a company car. The well-known Volkswagen infotainment system offers all the modern features you need. And if you have the heated electric leather ErgoComfort seats as an option on the car you’re certainly not less pleasant, if not the most luxurious SUV’s.

But also driving in the new Amarok offers a certain sophistication that not all pick-ups offer. The strong V6 and the DSG gearbox offer a very modern and comfortable feeling. The handling and suspension feel, however, that you have to deal with a car that’s designed to work. Of course that’s not so strange when you consider that the leaf spring suspension is designed to have a maximum of 1,000 pounds to carry. But for people who want greater comfort, provides Volkswagen Amarok also with air suspension. Although you will have less weight to carry, but the driving experience creeps than likely be awfully close against a luxury SUV.
The terrain in
And then the plane on which a pick-up should be perform: site. And it must be said, even with summer tyres performs the Volkswagen 4MOTION system is excellent. You notice that the force is continuous on the wheels is distributed, giving you good grip. And threatening you get stuck, then you can get the mechanical limited slip differential between the rear wheels turn on that wheel spin on one wheel quickly avoided.

There is also an off-road function on the Amarok that the Hill Start Assist and Hill Descent Control to be turned on. Also turn on the ABS themselves in an off-road mode, that limited blocking of the brakes is permitted. This occurs during hard braking of a small hill for the wheels which you faster should come to standstill in the area. Difficult to experience whether this is actually so, but the brakes do the Amarok good, both off – and onroad.

The new Volkswagen Amarok is hell of a car. The smooth V6, the towing capacity, the high maximum load weight and the fact that you have a double cab on grey license plate can get, this pick-up is highly suitable for the entrepreneur, for example in the construction industry. And that will also be sure to speak about the luxurious, spacious and pleasant interior, and the matching of driving experience. Not for nothing has the Amarok is also the International Pick-up Award 2018 won.

But also for those who are in the market for an SUV, the Amarok is not a bad choice, precisely because of all its comfortable luxury and practical space. Our thick decorated testauto came on 54.142 euro ex VAT ex BPM, which is not very cheap. But where competition is often viercilinders offers, provides the Amarok with a strong V6 diesel. And, you can compare the price with the purchase of a SUV, then you suddenly spekkoper.

Brand: Volkswagen
Model: Amarok
Type: Highline double cab long wheelbase
Fuel: Diesel
Engine capacity: 2.970 cc V6
Power: 225 hp
Torque: 550 Nm
Top speed: 193 km/h
Transmission: 8-speed DSG automatic transmission
Weight: 1.995 kg
Price from: 34.000 euro (ex BPM ex VAT)
Price driven model: 54.142,- euro (ex BPM ex VAT)
Load capacity: up to 1,000 kg
Cargo capacity: 3.53 m3
Towing capacity: 3,500 kilograms