Opel Insignia Sports Tourer, not perfect, but desirable


If I was the new Opel Insignia Sports Tourer in the truly see, I am happy. Although the chrome strip of the bonnet over the roof to the back side to me, not had necessary, see the station wagon on the outside beautiful and particularly large. Inside, it is already not different, a beautiful interior and plenty of space. That promises a lot of good.

A car must look good, but even more important is that he feels good about. And although the Opel should compete against competitors such as the Renault Talisman Estate, Kia Optima GT, and Toyota Avensis Touring Sports, the previous-generation Insignia is already quite proven. With the new Insignia starts Opel itself more and more in a positive sense to distinguish.

In this Opel electric adjustable lumbar support was weak, so he gets a bit more support, but the chairs are comfortable and they are very adjustable. Thanks to the height-and depth-adjustable steering wheel gives you quick a nice seating position found.

The steering has exactly the right diameter and thickness, and lies comfortably in the hand. The present for menu control, cruise control, and audio control for reading glasses-wearers a little too small. Though you know by the minimum number of buttons already well-known quickly which is which. At least is also the number of buttons and switches on the dashboard, what little distraction and a calming ambience. The information on the instrument panel is also without reading glasses +2.5 clear. The eight-inch infotainment display is, however, unfortunately they are a little less obvious. Your smartphone with the car to connect quickly and easily and. The sound of the audio had something purer planet.


My good feeling in the Insignia was enlarged by the space. The Opel is not longer than the Volvo V90, which is already a tin beast of a car. Front and at the back, everyone is comfortable. And then there’s also still a massive 532-litre luggage compartment. The only disadvantage of this space is that if you have the Sports Tourer with beige upholstery-choose, this is also the color of the velour carpet. And there you can see really everything, great location.

The 136 ps 1.6-liter diesel is actually just a bit too tame for the to 1,467 kilograms of weight Insignia. He is nice, but lacks what tension and is therefore audibly, and tangibly present. At a constant speed of around 100 kilometers per hour, you will hear a monotone hum, and you feel some resonance. Not annoying, but it is there. The strikingly low fuel consumption on the other hand a ray of hope. The automatic six-speed gearbox makes up for it. It shifts smoothly and quickly, without you it feels. When the engine is cold, it takes noticeably longer before it is switched.

Positively surprised I am about the chassis and the handling of the Insignia. Although the cushioning on bumpy roads and at low speed a bit on the stiff side, it is the Opel on normal roads, very comfortable with a sporty touch. He sends a direct and tight and the feeling is, even at high speed and in turns, good, stable, solid, comfortable and safe.


In spite of the humming diesel, the Opel Insignia is a nice car to drive. His achievements provide a lot of comfort and that is ultimately the most important. For almost 48 thousand euros, you have a complete and spacious car. The successful Opel still better to just stay, but in a positive way more and more to fall. If I’m on modern cars, think, think, I never immediately to Opel. But now I with the new Insignia’ve driven, that has changed. Opel is back on my consider list.


Brand: Opel
Model: Insignia Sports Tourer
Type: 1.6 CDTI 136PK Business Executive
Fuel: Diesel
Engine capacity: 1.598 cc four-cylinder
Power: 136 ps
Top speed: 204 km/h
0-100: 11.26 seconds
Gearbox: 6v., automatic transmission
Weight: to 1,467 kg
Price from: 36.145,- euro (Insignia Sports Tourer 1.6 CDTI)
Price driven model: 47.160,- euro