Rolls Royce Master Technician Frank van Dam: “I get the best out”


He is 29 years old and wanted from a young age, but one thing: tinkering with trucks. Now, he is a Rolls Royce Master Technician at importer and dealer CITO Motors in Eindhoven. Frank van Dam still has only one ambition: everything perfect.

“I was thirteen and wanted to be with my hands on the corridor. I got interested in trucks. My neighbour had a transport company with a workshop. I am there after school and on Saturdays to take a look. The neighbor next to us was a car mechanic, that fascinated me and I wanted to also.”

Frank learned at the LTS, the basics of the autovak. “I started at the bottom of the ladder, from there I am going to build. I found the learn great and went very easily through it.”

Dirty hands fascinated me not

The most beautiful of the keys to the trucks found Frank the real heavy work. “On new trucks to links, cabins with damage swap. That I wanted to do. Dirty hands handcuffed me nothing.”

From his sixteenth year went to Frank four days a week working as a student vrachtwagenmonteur at a Mercedes dealer. The fifth day he went to school for the training of a second technician bedrijfswagentechnicus. After his second-monteursopleiding went to Frank for first bedrijfsautotechnicus. “When I was 20, I am a year to go to work, I was finished with school. In that year I have MOT, Tacho drive control system, my driver’s license for trucks met and the training programme of Mercedes-Benz followed.”

in the Morning, unemployed, in the afternoon new job

Due to the heavy work and physical complaints, got Frank on his twenty-first over to the Mercedes car workshop. “I went for anything back, I just went through and did the work, which is normally a day in a half. That has me physically genekt. I had lighter work to do, but wanted to have dirty hands continue to get, cars to continue to make, and I am a technical specialist.”

Frank saw his new work as a challenge. “Cars is quite different and I work with a perfectionist. With a car you can get something better to show than with a truck. That was my thing, it fitted better with me. Here I could see the dots on the i’s.”

Because he is more of the world wanted to see, went Frank on his twenty-third started work at an Audi dealer, who two years later went bankrupt. “That we got in the morning to hear and later that same afternoon I sat with Marissa van Laarhoven of CITO Motors on the phone. They knew of the bankruptcy, had good things to say about heard me and was looking for someone for Jaguar Land Rover.”

An old Audi-colleague also went to CITO Motors to the Rolls Royce and Aston Martin workshop. “When he decided something else to do, I have to respond. I said to CITO MOTORS, I can do that and think that we should try to do it.”

I thought ‘is this for real?’

On his twenty-fifth went to Frank to get started as Rolls Royce and Aston Martin mechanic. “I was still really young and it is a proper function. CITO Motors wanted to do that we have the cooperation for a long time. Otherwise it doesn’t make sense. There is a heavy training is fixed and there is quite a lot involved with the brands. And I thought that was not a problem.” The deal was closed and Frank thought: “I’ve already achieved what I want to achieve. In a very high segment of cars work. This goes further than the dots on the i’s.”

On his first day as a Rolls Royce mechanic, walked Frank with a smile from ear to ear the workshop. “In the beginning was the even scan, the are for me two entirely new brands with completely different practices.”

Because CITO Motors since 2012 official Rolls Royce dealer, were his first jobs standard operating procedures. “When I was the first car to the workshop rammed, I thought ‘is this real?’. So, ‘WOW’, goeiendag hee. That’s how I felt. An indescribable feeling.”

Rolls Royce Master Technician

Every Rolls-Royce dealer should have a Master Technician. “Half a year after I started here, I began your training. First, you become a junior technician. Then you learn the basics, keys. You do web-based training before you get to the Sir Henry Royce institute. You will also learn everything about the history of the brand. That lasted for a year.”

The following year he was Frank, the senior training and then he was allowed to start the Master’s programme. “A lot I already knew, mainly product-related training. You’ll learn all the ins and outs of the Rolls Royce as, for example, about the ‘Magic Carpet Ride’.”

Magic Carpet Ride is the air-spring-chassis of Rolls Royce. “Driving in a Rolls Royce, you can experience as if you were on a flying carpet. A Rolls Royce looks ahead, thinks ahead and adopts itself to that which is approaching him. The Master Technician is primarily diagnosegericht, specialist work, troubleshooting and you’ll learn the details about electronics.”

Frank has four years to Rolls Royce Master Technician, and is now one of the ten in the world and the only one in the Netherlands. He also speaks with customers. “With the sale of a Rolls Royce, the team proposed to the customer. If it is necessary, I will create with the customer a test drive and, if necessary, he also looks into the workshop.”

Working on Rolls Royce is an experience

The Rolls Royce customer is according to Frank a whole different customer than a Mercedes or Audi customer. “The bar for a Rolls Royce customer is much higher. Everything must be perfect, there are no tolerances. The customer has the highest expectations within the automobile business, and I work there to. Rolls Royce drivers are also lovers.”

As a Master Technician, refreshed Frank also oil. “The only difference with other brands, is that there is a liter or seven more oil out of the block. But beyond that, everything is the same as other brands.”
Rolls Royce looks to the diagnosis-area continuous with Frank. “Our diagnostic equipment is linked with the factory. As soon as I plug the computer into the EOBD plug, they see what I do. If there is an electrical fault, they see every action that I take. This is to improve the product and for training purposes. We will also be able to switch quickly and solve problems quickly.”

According to Frank has a Rolls Royce less problems than other brands. “That is because parts for Rolls Royce longer, are tested before they are mounted.”
Every day at Rolls Royce is, according to Frank nice. “Because every day I have something else to do. One moment I’m with maintenance busy, the other moment I’m with personaliserings accessories busy. It is really an experience for me to work on these cars to work.”

‘Take the best that exists and make it better, Strive for perfection in everything we do’ is the slogan of Henry Royce. “I come every day here. If the product is better can be made, then I will go there for sure. This is really what I want. As long as Rolls Royce continues to develop, I continue to learn. As long as they raise the bar higher to continue to explain, I work there. CITO MOTORS is also a great company, I am sitting here well. We bring out the best in each other to the top. And that will benefit the customer ultimately.”