This will prevent your EcoBoost petrol engine in the soup runs


The Ford Kuga was only just 3.5 years young and had only 35 thousand kilometers. The ride with the caravan to Germany would also not have significant problems to be able to deliver. At least, that she suspected the owner.

The car was equipped with a 1.6-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost petrol engine with engine code JQMB and 110 Kw power. And you expect never happens, a warning light (in technical terms: Malfunction Indicator Light or MIL) went to burn as a sign that something was not all right. This was confirmed by the engine, which is now on three instead of four cylinders was going to walk.

Zo voorkom je dat jouw Ford Kuga 1.6 EcoBoost benzinemotor in de soep loopt

A look inside the engine learned that in the second cylinder deep vertical streaks arise were

The German Breakdown service ADAC was enabled, and suspected that the turbo given up the ghost. The car was a salvage company disposed of, and to a repairer in the Netherlands. That stated that the turbo is still in excellent condition. With an endoscope (literally: a binnenkijker), the engine was internally viewed. This taught that in the second cylinder deep vertical lines arise. The technician suspected that the spark plug electrode had broken off and the cylinder ground.

Zuigerbodem melted away

To damage get a better look and the actual cause of the problem was the cylinder head removed. Directly after the disassembly was evident that the zuigerbodem was partly melted away, past the upper piston ring and causing a gaping hole was formed between the oil sump and the compressieruimte. The loose material of the piston had deep traces in the cylinder wall left as a result catastrophic damage was found.

Apart from the impact of projectiles on the zuigerbodem, it was further remarkable to be clean. Much cleaner even than the pistons of the three undamaged and in good cylinders. Something that in the year 2017, it is remarkable. Especially since there is also no trace of pollution in the intake manifold and the kleppenmechanisme was found. Everything was clean and in good condition. The rinse in the second cylinder did, however, see that there is excessive liquid in the cylinder could come out.

Zo voorkom je dat jouw Ford Kuga 1.6 EcoBoost benzinemotor in de soep loopt

Immediately after removal it was visible that the zuigerbodem was partly melted

The liquid can be fuel, coolant, or rainwater. However, there was no question of loss of coolant. And sucked in rain water usually gives other symptoms such as a so-called fluid hammering or water hammer, and certainly not a weggebrande piston. It could not be otherwise than that the damage was caused by a faulty injector. In that case, the question of how an injector in only 35 thousand kilometers to pieces.

Damned environment

Yep, and then we eventually arrive yet again at the oh-so-beloved, but often also a vexed environment. We have already reported that there will be quite what is expected of the current generation vehicle engines such as the article on small diesel engines that crash by short journeys and the essence of oil in modern engines. Even economical to drive can be expensive motorschades lead.

They should especially be cleaner, at least, what comes from exhaust. More economical, too, because that means less emissions. And noise. Because that is pleasant for you. And the engines deliver a lot of power also!

All the parts in the motor together do their best to meet all of these bizarre requirements. But they require the proper fuel, proper driving, proper maintenance and the correct interpretation of the rider M/V uhhh… LGBT or gender neutral. In short, it is all your own fault!

What you can do about it? Well, tank for example, instead of Euro 95 petrol once a couple of times in a row premium fuel. Euro 95 is good, but premium is better, because it allows for a more complete and better combustion, reducing the chance of contamination in the motor is smaller. Injectors are parts that are very sensitive to dirt. This is not only true for the described in this article, Ford motors, but for example also for THP engines in Peugeot, Citroën and MINI applied.

I hope, therefore, that in 2018 about six months can make, in addition to your health insurance and energiecontract and all other important matters, your instruction booklet to study. Not that the above issues are explicitly addressed, but it does mean a growing connection with your beloved vehicle. And less chance of problems and bad luck.