Autotest Ford Focus RS: improved performance for the hardcore car enthusiast!


A perfect car even more perfect? Ford Performance can do that and did it with the hardcore Ford Focus RS that is now bloedstollender.

A hot hatch, you can no longer call. Hardcore hatch is the new description. According to Yuri, there are very few cars that are such a perfect combination between control and playfulness offer such as the Ford Focus RS, the ultimate trackday car. And he is right. However, because customers are still more of a car expect, introduced Ford for them a new option package. And that if I try.

Although after a few hundred kilometres to know how well the Focus RS is and what he is capable of, I think I would actually at least two years and at least 40 trackdays need to be perfect to my opinion. But that aside. More driving pleasure, which is what Ford, at the new package promised.

How the pleasure of driving in the RS without the option package is, I may be on the basis of Yuri’s enthusiasm only imagine. Though you can, according to him, for the same money also opt for the Audi R8, from 2008. The huge amount of pure fun I had in the four days Focus RS experience had, is almost indescribable. Words like bizarre, amazing, and perfect loom for me, although this is a long way from the great feeling of strength and security reflect that this Focus gives you.

Quaife differential

That feeling is since may of 2017 enhanced by the Quaife mechanical limited slip differential (QLSD). How the RS without this option I do not know, but anyway, at least I am heavily under the impression of the Focus with LSD. It starts already at a standstill. Turning of the first gear is done resolutely and is only a matter of a firm click which you hear that the entire powertrain from the engine to all four wheels. Delicious.

If you make the link a little bit late coming on, increases the speed without the car rolling. Only this ensures that your heart rate increases and your blood flow faster. You know that the car is ready for action. Let the link a little further up, and the Focus RS takes everything, yes really everything of you. From this moment on, you know, this is a bomb. A huge bomb.

Just on a wet road surface, the RS is really, truly just for a moment, seeking grip. That quest to correct the four-wheel drive, sensors and systems flawlessly and seamlessly. The roar of the 350 hp 2.3-liter four-cylinder petrol engine, the intake sound from the open air filter and dual exhaust pipes under the thick diffuser in the rear bumper to tell you that you are in a ruthless machine that even the most extreme situations, face and handle. Oh man, if I could, and could choose, would this still be the car for my daily rides, I just do.

All you would also your whole family can take. There is plenty of space on board. Although the Recaro cockpit-seats, which are good, but are made for the circuit and miss the comfort of normal chairs. But who cares? In any case, I do not. I’m afraid that my wife is the race-feeling is not appreciate. The kids in the back will have no problem with that, sit comfortably and have plenty of space. Although my daughter probably quickly say that the car is bumpy. Yes, darling, that belongs to this type of car. My son will only say; harder porridge. And; one more time!

Perfectionism perfected

Grip is the keyword with this car. How you drive, where you are, how the surface is. The Ford Focus RS has always and everywhere grip, thanks to the Quaife LSD differential. As soon as the grip on one of the front wheels is less, the system sends torque to the wheel that has most grip and therefore wheel slip is compensated and the acceleration and stability are always the best.

Dynamic Torque Vectoring (DTV) and Torque Vectoring Control (TVC) are the terms which not everyone will. But in plain language it means that the electronic systems together with the brakes continuously, the massive pulling power of the engine and depending on the driving style and the surface, within tenths of a second evenly between the front axle and rear axle to be divided. And all of you know nothing of these terms, once you go with the RS are going to drive, you know what it means.

To help you as hard and spectacular as possible to drive, there are different driving modes on board. The Drift Mode describes itself, allows you to cross. Very transversely. And as soon as possible to the desired speed, you will be helped by the launch mode that you are within 4.7 seconds to 100 kilometers per hour launches. You are beginning already to worry about the brakes? No worries, the four Brembo brake calipers, braking the Focus so gigantic hard that you feel as if you are against a wall drive. Wow!

On the public highway you will be here all not much to have, even if it’s with rain and snow come in handy. No, you notice the added value of the perfect working systems, only really if you’re on a circuit ride. Or perhaps better yet, on a rally track. Hard acceleration, braking, and skidding, Ford has made this car really is a gem made and gives an attractive business card.

I can go on for hours about how great I am, the Ford Focus RS, but I must stop now. Every letter that I more about this car type, make me sad. Sad because I was one of the coolest cars I’d ever driven, not always to my disposal. I think I just go to save. 53 thousand euros in a few years with each other scraped. And there is nothing wrong with the Ford Focus RS? No, there is nothing wrong with the Ford Focus RS. This car is perfect.

Ford Focus RS

Engine: 2.253 cc four-cylinder petrol with turbo
Power: 350 hp) at 6,000 rpm
Torque: 440 Nm at 2.000 rpm (470Nm temporarily boosting)
Transmission: transmission, six gears
Drive: front wheels and rear wheels
Top speed: 266 km/h
Acceleration 0 – 100: 4.7 seconds
Weight for road tax: 1.460 kgs
Average fuel consumption: 7.7 l/100 km
CO2 emissions: 175 g/km
Energy Rating: G
Uitstootniveau: Euro 6
Base price (kerb): 56.600 euros
Price testauto (kerb): 59.815 euro