Driving test Citroën Spacetourer, the luxury minibus


The Citroën Spacetourer offers space for up to nine people in comfort and luxury, or at least that is what the French here say about it. And because we have been Driving-Dutchman find that you are not just anyone on his word to believe, we went for a week on the road with this minibus.

The different versions
The Spacetourer belongs in the family of Peugeot Experts, Toyota Proaces and is the brother of the Citroën Jumpy. The Spacetourer is, however, designed to not load, but the transport of persons. The kind of car that you mostly find as a taxi and shuttle service to airports and luxury hotels.

The Spacetourer is available in two different sizes: M with a length of 4.95 metres and an XL of 5,30 meters. In terms of motorization, there is a choice of five different diesel engines with a power output ranging from 95 to 180 horsepower. In addition, you have plenty of options for the chairs or sofas that you want, which you of five to nine persons can travel. And then you can also have a quite extensive list of options to fill in.
An abundance of luxury
Citroën was sure that Driving-Dutchman extra bit of luxury, could use it because we got the XL with the strongest diesel in combination with a vending machine, where the importer also all the options on the list had completed. What do you get with it all for? Hold on tight, because this is a nice list.

We start with 6 extremely comfortable leather armchairs, of which the front two are not only heated but also has massage function. A comprehensive dashboard with a full infotainment system with, among other navigation and DAB+-radio, provides you all modern convenience are provided.
And even more luxurious
We will continue with keyless entry, cruise control, climate control with separate controls for the people in the back and tinted noise reducing privacy glass for the passengers. Also is there for the people in the back of the subtly-placed indirect lighting on the ceiling and a separate reading light and table. For the opening of the side door simply pressing a button on the dashboard or on the handle pull, then the door will electrically open. And if you come with your arms full of stuff run, then hold your foot just under the side door, which he automatically unlocks and opens.

To your eyes well on the road to keep, there is a Head-Up Display, which is clear among other things, the speed and navigation displays. Also the warning if you get too close to your predecessor drive. Part of the extensive safety package that also includes a blind spot warning.

Tighter bends
The strong diesel in combination with the six-speed automatic transmission we know from our test with the Toyota Proace and also applies here that this is a very fine drive. Smooth and strong and lazy to ride with enough reserve to quickly pull. But also here applies that it is not the most efficient duo.

What is different is the handling. Because the Spacetourer in terms of the chassis adapted to carry persons. Special suspension with variable stiffness to ensure a lot more peace and comfort as you empty. And also the way in which turns are taken is remarkably tighter than in the trucks variants.

The Citroën Spacetourer is actually a car, where up to nine people in luxury and comfort can carry, especially if you get the XL with all the options, and the strongest diesel with automatic transmission. However – and I recommend you sitting down – to do this, you won’t pay less than 76.627,- euro (incl VAT). And with such prices you get pretty close to the big SUV’s that often up to seven seats and really drive as passenger cars. However, since you will miss the huge cargo space to 2.932 liters, which the Spacetourer. Ultimately, this most expensive Citroën developed for the small market of luxury shuttle and taxi transport, and we have no doubt that he is excellent his work will be carried out.

Brand: Citroën
Model: Spacetourer
Type: XL Business Lounge
Fuel: Diesel
Engine capacity: 1.997 cc
Power: 177 pk
Torque: 400 Nm
Emissions: 151 grams of CO2/km
Exhaust Emission Norm: Euro6
Top speed: 170 km/h
Gearbox: 6-speed automatic
Price from: 39.001 euro (incl VAT)
Price driven model: 76.627,- euro (incl VAT)