Driving test Fiat Panda Cross: the little giant


In the Netherlands, you come to the Fiat Panda Cross only rarely, what a pity. Because not only is this small car an all-rounder, he looks also very nice. Fortunately, we were able to a week long the roads and the paths to perk up with this little giant.

He is always funny
It’s been almost three years ago that we have a comprehensive driving test did with the previous Cross (including a fun video). Also, at that time, we immediately go for the combination of cuteness and coolness of this heightened and even more on the off-road work-focused Fiat Panda 4×4.

The appearance is little changed, and that was not at all. He is still a bit higher on its wheels than the 4×4, so it has a nice ground clearance. Spatbordverbreders, cool fog, red eyes, and silver guards before and behind give the Cross a cool appearance. Incidentally, that guards are mainly for decoration because it is made of simple plastic, they will not be very much protection.
Those paying close attention, in the interior, however, see something else. There is a new screen in the dashboard for the new Uconnect Radio system. Placed before a small screen in the holder for phone and navigation, in the new system just click your smartphone in the holder, in which the Panda Uconnect app you can install. This allows you to, upon connection to operate with the buttons on the steering wheel and provides access to music, phone functions and navigation of your smartphone. There is also near a convenient charging point for your phone.
The technique
The Panda Cross comes with a twinair naturally aspirated Turbocharged two-cylinder petrol engine with 90 hp and 145 Nm of torque. Through a manual vijfversnellingsbak is the power to all four wheels distributed. By means of a combination of the Electronic Differential (ELD) and the ASR traction control system, four-wheel drive in three different modes:

CAR, whereby the power automatically to the front and rear axle is distributed. OFF-ROAD that allows you to a permanent all-wheel drive is turned on and the wheels with the most grip and the most power and GRAVITY CONTROL, better known as Hill Descent Control, whereby the car automatically descends (steep) slopes.
Strong offroad
As with the previous version, we were once again amazed at how good the Cross is in the field maintains. Helped by its low weight of 1090 kg, and its short wheelbase, the Panda is extremely agile. Steep slopes both up and down no problem, whereby the ELD and ASR good combined work. Also soft sand or mud, he may well, thanks to the standard mounted M+S tires.

However, you must be careful enough rpm’s to do with the twinair naturally aspirated engine, because at the bottom he has little strength. Once going it goes fine. The only real problem arises if you are in to deep tracks to drive, because despite the fact that the Panda is a lot higher than the regular versions, he remains for real offroad work relatively low. You run the chance that the Cross on his tummy, let countries with four wheels spinning in a vacuum.
The City
A Fiat Panda is of course typical of a car in the city and despite the fact that the terrain that is where the Cross is made for functioning, he is still fine if stadauto. In fact, by its higher suspension, he is even more comfortable on the sometimes bumpy roads of our cities. And full throttle over speed bumps also belongs to the possibilities. In addition, it offers the 4×4 drive, of course, a lot more safety.

About the twinair naturally aspirated engine,-the Cross in its strongest version is already a lot written, both on the sound as the consumption. Admittedly, if you start your car, he produces not the most powerful sound, but once riding has something. The consumption is concerned, it is an engine with two faces. You ride in quiet, than he is economical and gives you easy 1 on 17. You give however gas and drive your projects, then drops to dramatically to 1 in 12.

The Fiat Panda Cross was and still is one of our lievelingsauto. Both tough as very sympathetic, both good in the city as the site remains a true all-rounder. Whether you’re shopping at the corner is going to catch up, or your surfboard on the roof binds and the beach look up to the Cross is your friend.

But unfortunately in our country has little need for small off-road cars. Because although there are thousands of 4×4 SUVS ride that is never the mud will see it, see few people the benefit of the additional investment that a Cross is required compared to a regular Panda. This last purchase from 11.259,- euro while the Cross only from 19.995,- euro on your driveway. Sin actually, because a Fiat Panda Cross leukt the roads and paths as well.

Brand: Fiat
Model: Panda
Type: 0.9 Twinair Naturally Aspirated Turbo 4×4 (90) Cross
Fuel: Gasoline
Displacement: 875 cc
Power: 90 hp
Torque: 145 Nm
Emissions of 114 grams of CO2/km
Exhaust Emission Norm: Euro6
Top speed: 167 km/h
0-100 km/h: 12 seconds
Gearbox: manual 5 gears
Weight: 1.090 kg
Price from (Cross): 19.995,- euro
Price driven model: 21.075,01,- euro