These are Driving-Dutchman the most read articles of 2017


2017 was a great year for us. We drove with more cars and engines than ever before, added a new and popular category of vehicles and saw the views on our social media channels to a great height rise. Because we love statistics, we have every category on this website, the top three put on a list. We wish everyone a wonderful new year and especially a prosperous, happy and healthy in 2018!


1. Five reasons why the Volkswagen Golf 1.0 TSI to buy
2. The Volkswagen Golf GTE: can hybrid petrol beat?
3. Mazda CX-3 crossover, which is small but very mature

1. Kawasaki Z900, a cunning gifkikkertje?
2. The BMW R 1200 RT, is a reliable and luxury friend
3. The Yamaha MT-07 Moto Cage, fast, small and agile

1. The new Ford Ranger on grey license plate
2. The new Peugeot Expert, a new modern minibus
3. Fiat Talento Squadra, the luxury bus

1. Nine electric motorcycles, also for you there is something in
2. These eight gift electric cars, we would soon be with us on the highway!
3. Energica Ego and Eva, the electric motors with Italian style

1. To help prevent damage and expensive repairs to a diesel engine, clean soot filter in a preventive
2. Elongated distributiekettingen by The New Drive
3. Expensive motorreparatie by driving economically