Private individual or a company? Order your oil online for Handle Oil


Handle Oil in Raalte is 10 years old and is celebrating this anniversary with a brand new webshop for companies and private individuals, and a unique collaboration with the Dutch worldwide operating and leading smeermiddelenleverancier Kroon-Oil B. V. and oil-consulting firm, Olyslager Organisation.

Here’s why oil is essential.

The new online ordering platform has a direct link with the current inventory and the product information and specifications of Kroon-Oil and Putoline Oil. The webshop has a registration advisory tool and ‘smart search’ option, on the basis of the technical data of Olyslager and the smeermiddelenadviezen of Kroon-Oil.

Better and faster advice and service

Handle is since the founding of his company, the official partner and dedicated provider of Kroon-Oil. “We are a specialist and trust in the Kroon-Oil products for road transport, agriculture, industry, and marine and have the motorcycle specialities of Putoline Oil which is also a brand of Kroon-Oil is,” says Railroad Oil owner Bram Handle. “For these reasons, we sell only Kroon-Oil and Putoline Oil products. Also our own private label by Kroon-Oil is produced.”

“Kroon-Oil is a pioneer in the digitisation and making available of product advice’, says Leon ten Hove of Kroon-Oil. “This way, we have always in the front run, and we are still leading. We have a new internet platform built on the web shops of our customers can be linked. By coupling our customers can information of us and Olyslager on their website.”

“Olyslager is the world market leader in the provision of information about oil and lubricants,” continues Cope. “Thanks to this unique collaboration -and we are the first mind – to benefit our customers even more of the joint specialisations, and information and we can better and faster advice, service and solutions offer.”

Progressive on the internet

“There are more websites with an advisory tool,” continues Cope. The uniqueness of this collaboration is that thanks to the ingenious web of Kroon-Oil the information contained on our website are directly linked with their data. This is what the visitor is always adequate and the most current information, smeermiddelenadviezen, product information, photographs, data sheets, and inventory.”

Handle is next to olieleverancier according to Ten Hove very progressive and beats his wings on the internet. “So it was quite a logical step to take in this pilot phase, with Bram to the table to sit down together and think about the possibilities and the development of the link. For Kroon-Oil, this is a very important step, there is no one who in this way data can deliver, and we expect here in the future, a lot of.”

Handle Oil supplies both to businesses and private individuals. At Hove: “This is for us an important additional benefit, because we deliver only to companies and not to individuals. We have to have partners.”

Reliable business

On the new order – and information-portal Belgian and Dutch entrepreneurs and individuals on the basis of registration number, or ‘smart search’ to find what oil there is in a specific vehicle belongs. “This applies to old, modern and new vehicles”, said Overweg. “As soon as Kroon-Oil an amendment or addition does, our clients receive the most current information. They can also in the portal of their agreements regarding quantities of 1 litre and bulk, order history and invoices.”

Kroon-Oil and Handle Oil to do for ten years, reliable business with each other. “We have the mind of Kroon-Oil. Kroon-Oil provides top quality, give great support, have their distribution well for each other and ensure that we our customers can operate.”

Leon ten Hove and Bram Handle

Other important reasons for Handle Oil only with Kroon-Oil together to work, is that it is an innovative company. Handle: “for Example, with the 20-litre Bag-In-Box (BiB) packaging. “That is an environmentally friendly alternative to the old plastic 20-litre containers. They give better, are almost completely recyclable, and reduce waste significantly. Also has Kroon-Oil Powerflush developed for automatic gearboxes to rinse. That kind of developments we find interesting, Kroon-Oil is developments in the forefront of the market. They have to invent constantly new things and that is the reason that I really like with Kroon-Oil to work with.”

Today order, tomorrow in the house

Deal looks back on the anniversary of his undertaking. “We exist for ten years now and we are a rookie, pretty soon our position have managed to acquire here in the region of Salland, Twente and Gelderland.”

For five years, operates Handle Oil is becoming more rural, but also increasingly in Belgium. “The customer can place order today and tomorrow he has his order in the house. That is for clients is extremely important. And they can be with us from 1 liter to order. There is our strength, we are looking full of confidence towards the future.”