Lover of the environment and clean the rims? Attention!


Perhaps a strange combination, because what have clean the rims well with the environment to make would you say. Well, more than you think!

Brake dust is the culprit. It ensures not only that your shiny rims after a few hundred miles to look dull and grey, it is also an assault on the environment. The German firm Bosch has recently released a new disc is presented and on their website claim they that 32 percent of all harmful emissions that cars produce is due to the wear and tear of tires and brakes. And there, in the half of brake dust, a significant 16 percent.

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Liefhebber van milieu en schone velgen? Opgelet!


Bosch has therefore worked with the company Bruderus Guss to a new brake disk to arrive, the iDisc. The special feature of the iDisc is the worlfraamcarbide coating. This chemical compound of tungsten and carbon, after diamond, one of the hardest materials on the earth, perhaps ten times harder than cast iron. Bosch claims that outside of a larger abrasion resistance, the iDisc almost the same performance as a ceramic brake disc, against only a third of the cost. He would also have twice as long to go than a standard cast iron brake disc and less sensitive for rust.

The iDisc would be 90% less brake dust to produce and that ensures less environmental impact also for aesthetic benefits. The polished coating of the disk itself, not only looks beautiful, also your alloy wheels will be less likely to become dirty. Of us may he come, that iDisc!