Blog Gijs Bosman: Should I ever have had!


‘Have I ever once have had’. Car enthusiasts will this sentence undoubtedly recognize, because where reisfanaten effortlessly, the countries can opdreunen where she want to go, golfers are a few unlocking dream jobs to know where they will have a ball want to save and Burgundians know exactly where yet undiscovered michelin star restaurants, so have autofanaten a list of cars that they once had.

Bucket list they call it nowadays, but from the word go my rugharen standing up. Therefore, just the list of cars that I once must have had. I will even share a couple with you?

Mercedes W124

It doesn’t really matter what, a bare 200D I actually find just as much fun as a packed 500E. Though, if I am in between those two you had to choose? Do the übertaxi than but. According to many, the best car ever built, and I believe that. Mercedes was in the eighties for uncompromising quality and the large amount of W124’s, W201’s and W140’s that are still around proves that. I have several W124’s in a block to be driven and each time strikes me is the incredible build quality, combined with almost perfect ergonomics and a awfully high level of comfort. They are also crazy color combinations, to the impossible. Once I buy the weirdest.

Lexus IS200

Once again, a sedan with above average build quality. I must confess that I am not a single Japanese car in possession I had, and the chance is great that the Lexus IS200 from the beginning of this century will be the first. Why? I love nicely finished interiors, and perhaps even more of a beautiful klokkenwinkel. And that was the last now, the most characteristic detail of the IS200. Again, I want to look in the real watch instead of on a plate. ’Night, for example, during a long ride, with the zachtrode dashboard lights in the background. Mmm…


Not Porsche, not Lamborghini, not a Corvette, but a Ferrari. Less than an eighties or early years negentigmodel, such as a Testarossa, 328 or 348. Or ever will succeed is the question, but dreaming is allowed, isn’t it? So is it just on my list. Somewhere in the middle.

Ford Scorpio ’97-’98

My first car was a Scorpio. No, not the Whale, but one of the first generation. Although he will not be long persisted and it was actually a bad car, to me anyway, a weakness for the Scorpio delivered. In one way or another for the ludicrous second generation, nicknamed the Whale, who in 1994 appeared. Princess Beatrix also had a. I want one of the last model year, 1998, with the dark headlights. Just because it is such an ugly car.

Peugeot 304 Break

My list is not yet ready, but for now, I close with a cute, yet affordable klassiekertje: the Peugeot 304 Break. When I just became aware of the different car brands and models bought my father a, a metallicgroene with beige leatherette upholstery. He was as proud as a monkey with seven lollipops, and I, as a male of a year or three shone brightly.

Father’s happiness lasted not long, because a drunk medeweggebruiker made after only a few months at the end of the Peugeotgenot. I want to unexpectedly my father again at home, get in a green 304 Break, and we’ll be together soft crying of a nostalgic ride.

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