BMW M5 breaks the record of the longest drift in the world


BMW M5 breekt record van langste drift ter wereld #1

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The new BMW M5 has the longest drift in the world dropped to. In order to do that, he had during his action to be refueled.

And he tankte not just once, but 5 times. All of that happened without the drift was interrupted, with the help of another M5 (previous generation), which runs along the recordwagen came – all of driftend. In total, the new M5 so 374,17 kilometers laterally slid to 8 hours time, that he has the record of his predecessor pulverized (144,12 kilometers). The recordwagen was driven by racing instructor Johan Schwartz. Matt Mullins drove the M5 as ‘tank truck’ served. But we should especially engineer Matt Butts will not be forgotten, that from the back window decks had to hang on to gasoline to cut down in the recordwagen. And by the way, is not uneventful, as you can see for yourself in the accompanying video.