70th anniversary, Land Rover has a Dutch touch


This year celebrates Land Rover her 70th birthday. The British brand grabs a number of events to bring this joyous fact to celebrate. The first of them has a Dutch touch!

On the AutoRAI 1948 made Land Rover its werelddebuut. Of the three when the cars in the exhibition is there now a restored. One of the most iconic vehicles ever is so in the Netherlands to the world created, in the year 2018 almost impossible to imagine.

Land Rover Series 1 70 jaar 2018 verjaardag Driving Dutchman Motor

Converted from left – to rechtsgestuurd

This particular car, built with left hand drive, later converted to right hand drive, was for many years a search. After the debut at the AutoRAI is the car for the first time in 1955 on plates. After years of to be used was the terminus of a pasture. The pre-production model disappeared after a jammed motor in the 80’s. Via a detour was the predecessor of the Land Rover Defender and go on a small distance of the factory where he once the band rolled off.

Land Rover Series 1 70 jaar 2018 verjaardag Driving Dutchman Front

Jaguar Land Rover Classic team, the original Land Rover to celebrate her birthday in a year to fully restore and in driveable condition to return. That is quite a job, seen the car during the introduction of a number of special features. There were thickened parts, a galvanized chassis and a removable bucket. The former owners of this particular vehicle by Land Rover invited to the project and be a witness. We were even invited!