Car free day in Brussels?


Autoloze weekdag in Brussel? #1

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The Brussels party Ecolo/Green has the idea launched for a car-free weekday. The proposal will soon be discussed, but many now already very nervous…

The political party Ecolo/Green has an idea launched in the coming weeks, sometimes a lot of dust would be able to do shortly. The ecological political family wants to get a second car free day organized in the Brussels-Capital Region. But in contrast to the annual car-free Sunday in september, this second version on a weekday to take place.

Precise intended

Annemie Maes of Green light the idea: “We want to think about the feasibility of a second car-free day on a weekday, as a way to fight against the air pollution, but also to think about a different kind of mobility: how to move you without a car on a weekday?”. Of course, protest on the proposal. Alain Berlinblau, president of the association of traders in the city centre, responded very quickly: “This idea means the death blow to the economic activity in the city: the shops and restaurants will not make money. The whole city will be paralyzed”. On January 22, a meeting scheduled in the regional parliament, where all parties can be heard and where together can be thought about the feasibility and (economic and social) consequences of such an initiative.