Mercedes sets revolutionary voice control at CES


Mercedes stelt revolutionaire stembediening voor op CES #1

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Soon you can get your car very precise instructions to give you hands from the steering wheel. That proves Mercedes with his brand new stembediende assistant.

During the consumer electronics show CES in Las Vegas from Mercedes-Benz is a high-tech voice control is proposed. In contrast to the systems of the competition it is fully developed in-house. He would be the first to pop up in the future, CLA and GLA.

“Hey Mercedes”

The stemassistent retains the name Linguatronic and is developed as part of MBUX (“Mercedes-Benz User Experience”). He understands not only very precise instructions, but can also be the intentions of the driver or passengers to interpret. So, it is sufficient to “Hey Mercedes” to say to activate the system. And if you, for example, says “Hey Mercedes, I have some too cold”, then the car will the heating higher, and that indicate by red light rings to activate around the ventilation grills.

New features

Still want a Mercedes, not anything to trust to at this stemassistent and we will still with the car and can communicate with classic buttons. Later, the voice-control even the driver assistance systems and autonomous rijsystemen can control. That is not for tomorrow, but they are being worked with external partners such as Google or Amazon.