Ode to the Porsche 911 (996)


The Porsche 911, the dream of every man. Since day 1, to recognize his silhouette, wide hips and round headlights.

Round headlights, I say. Yes, except that one hated series between 1998 and 2004 was produced, the 996. And that’s just a very interesting car for the enthusiast with a limited budget. The 996 which, quite predictably, the predecessor of the 997, it had only little in common with its predecessor, the 993. The car had a new chassis and for the first time, a water-cooled engine.

Porsche Ode Aan De 996 Jongensdroom Achterzijde Driving Dutchman The change of the tried and tested air-cooled motorconcept was necessary due to emission and uitstootregelgeving. In addition, expected Porsche from the water-cooled block more sophistication and power to peuren. By this radical change of concept, and, to say the least said, distinctively designed headlamps, the 996, the approval of the “real” Porsche purists not receive. It is therefore also among purists never a popular model. But it is a Porsche! He drives like a Porsche, sounds like a Porsche and feels like a Porsche!

Very affordable dream come true

By the moderate popularity you can, all for around 35,000 euros, a nice copy. And of course, a car of at least 14 years old, as are points of interest. The engines of the 996 are not exactly known for the reliability. There are important points to consider. The tussenslager, or IMS bearing is one of the most known and notorious. There may be backlash on this lower, which causes the valve timing can change. With a little luck, this means that the valves can come into contact with the moving pistons. You can imagine that the subsequent damage is enormous. You can various specialists an improved bearing assembly.

Porsche Ode Aan De 996 Jongensdroom Tekening Technisch Driving Dutchman Dream as investment

The 996 can, outside of a fun weekendauto or daily is also a good investment. The prices are in the elevator. The Porsche 911 Targa is a good example. The Targa, especially since only a few percent of the total number of geprodocueerde 966 from Targa’s. In addition, the glass roof you have the feeling that you are in the air ride, without the car having to provide rigidity in the body. We save a little bit longer!