Driving test Nissan NV400, a spacious, practical van


The NV400 is the largest van that Nissan provides, and exists in many different versions. We went a week in step with the L2H2 VAN with single cab and this is what we found.

Many variants

Like all large commercial vehicles is also the NV400 available in many varieties. Thus, there is a Tipper, a Pick-up truck, a Box, a version for passenger transport and a ‘regular’ truck with double or single cab. All are powered by a 2.3-litre dCi turbodiesel with outputs of 100, 125 or 145 hp out of a block that we are in an even stronger version known from the Nissan Navara.

The NV400 is available with front – wheel and rear-wheel drive. In the first case, the chassis is lower and you have more cargo space, in the second case, the car according to Nissan more suitable for pulling trailers.
Rijtest Nissan NV400

Front – or rear-wheel drive, the difference

The model year vans is available in three different lengths and three different heights, with which the load capacity is from 8 cubic metres and 1.030 kilogram to an impressive of 14.8 cubic meters, and to 1,530 kilograms.

The rear-wheel drive NV400, there is only one very long version with two different heights. Here, the load capacities of 14.9 cubic metres and 1.134 kilograms up to 17 cubic metres and 1.176 kilograms.
Rijtest Nissan NV400 Our NV400

We got the 145 hp strong variant that is linked to a manual six-speed gearbox with drive to the front wheels. This is also available with an automatic gearbox. The engine performs great and has no problems with the car from his place, even when loaded. In addition, you can even to 2,500 kilograms of pull.

The manual gearbox works as he should be: smooth and with the correct proportions to quickly and a good place to come.
Rijtest Nissan NV400 The space

Our L2H2 version with single cab, offered space is 10.8 cubic metres of cargo space with a maximum weight of 1.620 kg. With a height of 1 meter 85, you can reasonably stand in the cabin and with a length of more than three meters and a width of 1.8 meters, you will have plenty of space for many to be able to transport.

This is helped by a low loading floor, so business is not high raised need to be. That is so unlike the rear-wheel drive versions, where the floor is higher. A very wide sliding door provides access to the side. In terms of practical space scores the NV400 is very good.
Rijtest Nissan NV400 Dated interior

The NV400 where we are on the path went, was for the change are not equipped with all possible options but in a performance such as this is the most sold. This offers a fair look at the interior, what to prices. Unfortunately, this interior is quite dated. Rondkijkend in the cabin come to terms as a Plastic Fantastic to you. An attempt was made, the quantity and kind of spice up by two colors of plastic to use, but that makes it not really better.

Also the standard radio with the phone function seems to be from a past logs with his orange matrix letters. It is all absolutely not of poor quality and you must therefore assume that we have a basic version of step, but this interior has an update to the only to be able to keep up with the competition. The chairs on the other hand, need no adjustments because they are fine.
Rijtest Nissan NV400


The Nissan NV400 is doing what he needs to do: with as much as possible convenience as much as possible of cargo to haul. Wide choice, large easy-access loading areas, a strong engine and great handling characteristics make it a sensible and smart choice. That is why it is so unfortunate that the interior is not really of this time anymore. You been driving a NV400 from 22.355 euro, our testauto cost 29.160 euros.

Nissan NV400 L2H2 3t5 dCi 145 pk:

Engine: 2.298 cc 4-cylinder diesel with turbo
: 145 hp at 3.500 rpm
Torque: 360 Nm at 1.250 rpm
Transmission: transmission 6 gears
: front wheels
An average of specified fuel consumption
: 6.9 l/100 km
CO2 emissions
: 179 g/km
Uitstootniveau: Euro 6
Load capacity: up to 1.620 kilogrammes
Inner box: 10,8 m3
Towing capacity: 2.500 kilogram
Base price (kerb): 22.355,- euro
Price testauto (kerb): 29.160 – euro