Driving test Fiat 500L Crossover, the Italian for young families


Fiat has released a new version of the 500L with the slogan: “Growing up is cool”. It is clear that the Italians, this car drop as the logical successor of the 500. Cohabitation, a couple of kids and suddenly you have much more space is needed. The L is the logical step, right? We tested it out by a week with the 500L Cross on step.
Rijtest Fiat 500L Cross, de Italiaan voor jonge gezinnen

Particular, but greatly improved appearance

Since its introduction, the design of the 500L the heads do shake. Where the 500X is a beautiful proportioned version of the smaller Cinquecento was, seemed not at all to knock. The new version smoelt thanks to stylistic interventions, such as a different grille and some decorative elements, a lot better and also fits better in the 500 family. But it still remains at least said a particular model. Fortunately, we got the Cross-implementation, that there is a lot sturdier looking.

But as soon as you join, you will understand the proportions a whole lot better: this car is built to maximize interior space to create. A spacious feeling greets you, especially if you also have the optional glass roof. But it seems not only spacious, it is also spacious. With a driver of 1 meter 85, which is comfortably sitting behind the wheel, you have your rear passenger have plenty of space for legs and knees, and that you see often enough otherwise.

Rijtest Fiat 500L Cross, de Italiaan voor jonge gezinnen Very spacious

The dashboard is very recognizable, especially if you are with the 500X driven, and offers a nice combination of Italian flair and modern lolligheid. Beautiful clear-to-read clocks and an infotainment system with all the trimmings in the middle. And of course you can find everywhere the mark of the 500-series.

The chairs are excellent, also on long distances, and the sense of space and the slightly higher seat allows for a relaxing driving experience. If five seats, incidentally, are too few for your family, then provides Fiat the 500L Wagon to a total of seven seats.
Rijtest Fiat 500L Cross, de Italiaan voor jonge gezinnen So drive ie

Our testauto was equipped with a 1.4 T-Jet turbobenzine engine with 120 hp and 206 Nm associated with a manual gearbox. This combination ensures that the 500L in little more than 10 seconds in the 100 and a top of 189 miles per hour. Not staggering numbers, but more than fine to come along in the traffic and long distances 130-140 on the highway to drive.

The handling is very similar to the X, which means that the car is solid to the touch. It is not a tiger, but to take turns with great ease and offers a good combination between comfort and sportiness. The Cross version has the Traction+ system, which gives you the model year 500L also offroad. But without a 4×4 system, you should there are not too many proposals.
Rijtest Fiat 500L Cross, de Italiaan voor jonge gezinnen Conclusion

Or the Fiat 500L, the logical step for young couples is that out of their 500 would have grown, it is difficult to say. The L is a totally different car, how much the Italians also do their best to one family. But in terms of driveability, comfort and especially in terms of space, it is absolutely not a bad option. And you get there even a little one, then you go for the Wagon with seven seats. And, ultimately, drive your still in a clear Italian car. Our richly decorated 500L Cross will cost you 33.890,- euro but you have been driving a L Cross from 24.595 euros.
Rijtest Fiat 500L Cross, de Italiaan voor jonge gezinnen

Fiat 500L 1.4 T-Jet 120 Cross

Engine: 1.368 cc 4-cylinder petrol with turbo
: 120 hp at 5.000 rpm
Torque: 206 Nm at 2.000 rpm
Transmission: transmission 6 gears
: front wheels
Top speed: 189 km/h
Acceleration 0-100 km/h:
10,2 seconds
Weight for road tax: 1.265 pounds
An average of specified fuel consumption
: 6.7 l/100 km
CO2 emissions
: 155 g/km
Energy Rating: F
Uitstootniveau: Euro 6
Base price (kerb): 24.595,- euro
Price testauto (kerb): 33.890 euros