Thorn in the eye; a shiny leather steering wheel. As you come from!


Perhaps the epitome of nit-picking, but one of the things that I me greatly to interfere with: a greasy, shiny, leather steering wheel.

Just as most readers do, I regularly use the internet to gift used cars I have ever in my life hope to be able to own. A E39 M5, Ferrari F355 GTS, or did the 996 Targa. Choices, Choices. Often, these cars, the better “occasionboeren” of the Netherlands to the last detail taken care of by a detailer. But my perfectionist eye falls regularly on a shiny leather steering wheel, oops!

Doorn in het oog; een glimmend stuurwiel. Zo kom je er vanaf! When I got my current car should get at the dealer, I was there as a death. The M-sport steering wheel is covered with a kind of nappa leather, soft and not “closed” as the leather of the seats. Beautiful as it is new and wonderful for the better cornering, however, is also extremely sensitive to the glim-virus. After a few thousand kilometers was my nightmare then also become a reality. Especially the quarter 2 position, which I always send between your thumb and index finger, holding it was clearly shiny.

A long search was a solution

A long search began, I had to have the steering wheel again as matt and fresh to make if that day at the dealer. Because the leather of my steering wheel an open type of leather, fell to the lot of remedies that I found, because that is mainly fat. I decided my search for what to fit in to the degreasing resources for leather. So I came out on a real grandma-wisdom: ossengalzeep! It is an emulsifier which is fats soluble in water, exactly what I needed, because with only water I got my steering wheel is not “clean”. Ossengalzeep is not expensive and readily available. I bought it at the hardware store. If you still are, immediately take a brush with soft bristles. Where you need, I will explain below.

Doorn in het oog; een glimmend stuurwiel. Zo kom je er vanaf! Your steering wheel leather is clean and fresh in 3 steps.

1. Start with the steering wheel making it wet. I do this with a sprayflacon. Do you have a car with buttons for audio and cruise control on the steering wheel, try not to use too much water between the buttons.

2. Make your brush wet and make sure there is some of the soap on the hair. Then make a circular motion over the leather of your steering wheel to make the lather.

3. With your sprayflacon rinse the wheel again to the schuimvrij to get. Note again on any electrical parts.

If necessary, you can repeat the whole process. You can also on your leather upholstery to use if it’s dirty is, for example, your new jeans. Also steering wheels that are covered with a closed type of leather you can in this way cleaning.

Doorn in het oog; een glimmend stuurwiel. Zo kom je er vanaf!

Package leaflet: Try this first on an inconspicuous part of your leather steering wheel (back?). Leathers may be strong differences in properties, and thus how they respond to, for example, ossengalzeep.