Fiat celebrates 30 years of Tipo in Turin and we were there!


In January 1988, introduced Fiat and the ‘modern’ Type which until 1995 was produced. After a sabbatical of no less than 21 years, brought the Italians to the successor of the Ritmo in 2016 again out of the mothballs. And this year the ‘modern’ Tipo exactly 30 years. Time for an Italian party in Fiat capital Turin.

The Tipo was in 1989, voted car of the year. According to Fiat because he excelled in handling, performance, ergonomics, comfort and safety. He was acclaimed for its functionality, simplicity and character. Under the enjoyment of a delicious glass of Italian Bello Fresco in the Netherlands by Mr Damo is imported, you can hours enjoy to discuss it.

Fiat Tipo 30 jaar Driving-Dutchman The new Type such as such as we know it now, is a team of 2,000 experts have been working to develop. To the car to optimize, were almost nine million test kilometres under the most extreme circumstances covered. We reason by the end of 2016 in the Netherlands already with the first new Tipo and more recently with the S-Design, which is more fun and is better than you might think.

But the Netherlands is Italy not, there are more hills and mountains. And an Italian party is simply not complete if you do not like Italy you can enjoy. Hence Fiat, our los left to the Tipo there to try out. We reason with them of Pessione where we at Martini lunch, Gallery Tour and Vermouth Masterclass and enjoyed our own Martini were allowed to mix, to Turin, where the headquarters of Fiat is located.

Fiat Tipo 30 jaar Driving-Dutchman To Lingotto, the Fiat factory!

As one would expect, fits the Fiat Tipo in perfectly in the Italian traffic. We drove with the smooth 110 horsepower 1.6-litre turbo-diesel with automatic gearbox and the 120 hp 1.4-litre petrol engine with manual gearbox. Also in the hills around Turin, both Tipo’s good, it makes them feel perfectly at home.

The famous former Fiat Lingotto factory is located just outside the centre. He was in 1922 when it opened and was, until 1927, the largest factory in the world. The current band travelled five floors.

The higher you came, the more complete the cars. On the roof arrived and made the new cars their first ride on a 500-meter-long test track including curves.

After the test drive, drove the cars on the spiral ramp down to be sold. In 1982 drove the latest Fiat on the roof, and the factory was closed. Lingotto was also the setting for the film The Italian Job. Today it is a megacomplex with shopping mall, exhibition space and hotel where we spent the night.

Fiat Tipo 30 jaar Driving-Dutchman Italian test drive 2.0

But, however, only after we have a delicious caffè latte cioccolate’, which is coffee with chocolate and whipped cream in the oldest café in Turin’s Caffè Al Bicerin tasted had. Caffè Al Bicerin already existed in 1763 and has since been a popular meeting place. This was made clear when we the café have left and there is a row with at least 15 people stood waiting to enter. Inquiry learned that this was normal and the row, sometimes much longer.

The Fiat Tipo is thirty years old. As the successor of the Ritmo, which, in turn, the 128 replaced, it turned out, according to Fiat is a godsend for young professionals and families who were looking for a practical, modern and elegant car. The youngest generation of Tipo is made according to that same principle and is totally of this time and ready for the next thirty years. Then we are happy again on his birthday present!