The lie of Green energy


An electric car is environmentally conscious, or at least it may seem so at first glance. It is for an important part -yet apart from the pollution from the production of batteries – depending on how green power is generated. But what emerges in our country is the green power is not so green, it seems to be one big lie.
De leugen van Groene Stroom

1 big lie?

Arjen is Well-treated on Sunday evening in its programme the illusion of green power. Because although it seems that 69 % of our electricity is green, it turns out for the majority of them the opposite. As we buy in the Netherlands green electricity certificates in Italy and Norway, without that flow to our country. So here can be polluted-generated power as a green be sold.

In addition, the majority of the ‘real’ green ‘ electricity generated through the burning of biomass. The idea behind this is that we organic material to burn and the CO2 of this is absorbed by new plant life that in the place of the burnt material. Only we burn much faster and much more than nature can grow.

And so what do we do in the Netherlands? We import on a large scale timber from America, where rapidly huge forests to be cut down. This wood is in the Netherlands in the coal burned and the resulting generated power is sold as green, because the so-called CO2-neutral.

De leugen van Groene Stroom

What does this mean for electric cars?

We know from various studies that the production of batteries polluting, allowing the construction of electric cars more onerous on our environment than that of brandstofvoertuigen. But this drawback is according to experts such as Ruud Verbeek from the TNO soon overtaken by the use of green power. But this stream now appears to be a whole other color to have and is not green but mostly grey.

And that means you much longer to drive with an electric car, you want a clean advantage. Eventually, it will electrically drive the future and the ever faster evolving technology, the pollution thereof dramatically. But until that time, is it important to have a fair idea of how clean the electrical transport really is, and that shows a lot less than we thought.