Aston Martin soon, with Mercedes-zescilinders?


Aston Martin binnenkort met Mercedes-zescilinders? #1

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Aston Martin would consider to be at Mercedes-AMG, a six-cylinder in-line to purchase.

The six-in-line is deep in the DNA of Aston Martin rooted. But the manufacturer builds that have already long not more. Mercedes would be now with a solution: the German brand took over in 2013, five percent of the shares of Aston Martin and delivers the British now all of the 4.0 V8 from the AMG GT, which we see popping up in the nose of the recent DB11 and Vantage. So why would Ford not use the new 3.0-six-cylinder with double drukvoeding of Mercedes-AMG with its 435 hp and alternator-starter which is a boost of 22 hp it can give? “I have this motor tested and it is impressive,” said Matt Becker, chief engineer at Aston Martin, to the Australian press. “The emission standards are becoming more stringent and we have all of the options to consider, so the six-cylinder in line,” added the engineer. He even said that this engine in the long term could appear in the nose of an Aston Martin. Which model? Undoubtedly is that the new Vantage.