Electric cars: which one loads the fastest?


Elektrische auto’s: welke laadt het snelst? #1

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The Norwegian association for electric cars has 5 EV’s tested in extreme cold for the loading of their batteries on the test.

In Norway electric cars are enormously successful, and not only in the city. The Norwegian association for electric cars (Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association) has 5 stekkerwagens brought together in the snow and the cold, especially the loading speed of their battery testing. Because it is one thing to have a large range to offer, but you have to battery smoothly again can volladen. The chargers testers used to deliver a maximum power of 50 kW, but in practice, could all of the participating cars (BMW i3, Hyundai Ioniq, new Nissan Leaf, Opel Ampera-e and Volkswagen e-Golf) between the 27 and the 46 kW of the promised 50 kW extract. There is a difference between what the charger can deliver and what a battery can swallow. The Hyundai Ioniq loads the most easily reached on the snellaadpaal (payload between 44 and 46 kW), followed by the BMW i3 (to 41.6 kW), the VW e-Golf (38,4 kW), the Nissan Leaf (36 kW) and the Opel Ampera-e (26,6 kW). The Opel has the largest battery of the bunch, but he is also the slowest to load.

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