Mazda & Toyota: joint venture in the United States


Mazda & Toyota: joint-venture in de Verenigde Staten #1

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Mazda and Toyota started a joint-venture for a new plant in Huntsville in the United States. Starting in 2021 should there annually to 300,000 cars of the tape reels.

The Japanese manufacturers Mazda and Toyota to invest any even many in the joint venture, “Mazda Toyota Manufacturing U. S. A. Inc.” (MTMUS). The investment of 1.6 billion dollars (1.3 billion euros) goes to a factory in Huntsville, Alabama (United States). From 2021 there were 150,000 of cross-overs from Mazda and 150,000 Toyota Corolla’s of the band walk. Moreover, it creates the factory locally to 4,000 new jobs. The work will begin in 2019. The collaboration between Mazda and Toyota is the American economy, and creates a new synergy between the two Japanese car manufacturers.