AMG Project One: future Ringkoning?


AMG Project One: toekomstige Ringkoning? #1

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The impressive hypersportwagen Project One of Mercedes-AMG would be the ambition to have the lap record at the Nürburgring to pulverize for all categories. The brand now needs only a driver to find that the beast can tame it.

The hypersportwagen was in the form of a concept car unveiled at the recent salon of Frankfurt, and would at the end of the year in its final form are proposed. The performance would be earth-shattering. Tobias Moers, the boss of Mercedes-AMG, it seems, in any case, a lot of confidence in the dynamic potential of the sample. As he told our colleagues from the British Autocar that the “rationally possible” to aim at a new lap record for the Nordschleife. And he added that he is not only the record wants to conquer among the production models, that is currently in the hands of the Porsche 911 GT2 RS with 6 minutes 47 seconds. Moers refers to the absolute record on the circuit, that already since 1983 in the hands of the Porsche 956 racing car, the legendary circuit in 6 minutes 11 seconds has eaten. According to Moers is the biggest challenge is to… of a driver to find that manages to get the full potential of the monster on this very difficult course. Let us in advance this white raven already good luck wishes. Reminder: Mercedes-AMG is planning to 275 copies to build its Project One, which is about 2.3 million euros per piece could cost. There would are already more than 1,100 interested customers have reported.