Audi invents a Vision Gran Turismo for PS4


Audi bedenkt een Vision Gran Turismo voor PS4 #1

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After numerous other manufacturers now also Audi with a virtual concept car that you can drive in PS4. Provisionally we get from this Vision Gran Turismo not to see more than a dark profile picture by way of a teaser.

Also Audi has soon a concept car that you virtual can drive in PS4. The brand with the rings following and the movement that is being deployed by Aston Martin, Alpine, Bugatti, Hyundai, Honda, McLaren, Mercedes, Nissan, Peugeot and others: the conception of an extremely efficient concept car for the game consoles of Sony. Some people love the virtual model, others set a model for, or build for the form a single instance. Without that we already know Audi is a scale model or prototype will be build, this teaserfoto in each case that the virtual hypersportwagen an electric vierwielaandrijver is with the very back of a large fixed spoiler.