Bentley Continental GTC caught at the Ring


Bentley Continental GTC betrapt op de Brusselse Ring #1

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We had him in Geneva is expected, but in the end one of our readers the new Bentley Continental GTC for the first time, caught on the Ring around Brussels. He was even accompanied by a Flying Spur.

The Bentley Continental GT is now in its third generation started. That is not only lighter, but also more powerful with its 635 horsepower 6.0-W12 TSI in combination with a robotized achtversnellingsbak with double clutch. This engine and weight loss are logically reflected on the future cabrioversie GTC. That was by Matthias, one of our readers, caught the Ring around Brussels. We had expected that those in Geneva would stand, but that was not the case. The luxurious vierzitscabrio had a nice company of a other Bentley Continental: the limousineversie Flying Spur. There is further whispered that the Continental range will soon also be an appeal will do on the V8 from the Bentayga.