BMW sticks to pedals and steering wheel


BMW houdt vast aan pedalen en stuur #1

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Although BMW is actively working on the development of autonomous rijtechnologie, the brand is not going to be the steering wheel and the pedals removed. That is a matter of principle.

Volkswagen has just with its concept car I. D. Vizzion for the sedan of tomorrow, made it clear that in the long term, cars without steering wheel wants to introduce, but something seems BMW is not the order of the day. Wieland Bruch, spokesman of the Bavarian car manufacturer, was on the subject of autonomous driving on the roster put in place by our colleagues from Carscoops and clearly said that there is no BMW without steering wheel or pedals. “Even if a BMW model is able to drive, will there still be a steering wheel in and the client will have the choice to preserve”, as he confirmed in the corridors of Geneva. “We are working on this is not currently a model that the steering wheel or the pedals are fully deletes”. Do not forget that the BMW’s manifesto for the future, in 2016, unveiled a concept Vision Next 100 for the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the brand, but still a wheel, in contrast to the I. D. Vizzion of Volkswagen. That send was indeed minimalist and collapsible, but it was still a wheel.