Bugatti: snelheidsrecordpoging postponed?


Bugatti: snelheidsrecordpoging uitgesteld? #1

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Bugatti had announced that the Chiron in 2018, “his” land speed record wanted to get back from Koenigsegg. But we hear that the attempt is postponed to next year.

In Geneva Bugatti a new version unveiled of his Chiron, the Chiron Sport. That is what honed and would therefore be more dynamic than the ‘ordinary’ Chiron from 2016. This new version was destined to be one of the topsnelheidsrecord back pack, that is in the hands of the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport up to when that last by the Koenigsegg’s agera RS was dethroned. We will, however, still some patience should cherish. Bugatti had reported that the attempt for 2018 would be done by the electronic speed limiter at 420 km/h of the Chiron to raise, but now we hear that the manufacturer from Molsheim to 2019 want to wait. That have the merkverantwoordelijken in the corridors of Geneva confirmed to our colleagues of the French AutoPlus. Michelin would apparently require more time for special relationships to develop more than 450 km/h can handle. Reminder: the official record that today is in the hands of Koenigsegg is 447,19 km/h. But behind the scenes it also aims for the Hennessey Venom F5 on the cup with promised top of… 483 km/h. It promises to be even an off battle.