Emissions: European Greens have deficit calculated


Uitstoot: Europese Groenen hebben tekort berekend #1

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The European Greens have calculated that in 2016 the difference between the official CO2 normuitstoot and the “actual” emissions, a loss of 11 billion, has produced for the 11 European states. The Belgian treasury would be 212 million to miss.

In 2016, the Belgian treasury is 212 million euros in car taxes may be missed because the official CO2 uitstootcijfers too far away from the real emissions, said the European Greens. This grouping of ecological political parties asked the NGO Green Budget Europe to the tax loss estimate for the 11 European member states as a result of the much lower CO2 emissions on paper than in reality. The conclusion of the study is that these countries in 2016 alone, € 11 billion is ‘lost’. By extrapolating to the period from 2010 to 2016 would be the loss already incurred up to 46 billion euros, of which 687 million for Belgium. Some countries have more lost than others. The larger the country and the stronger the taxation on the CO2-normuitstoot is based, how far-reaching the loss. Especially the French and, even more, the Dutch state treasury saw the most of taxpayers ‘ money through their fingers slip. The goal is not to the governments to stimulate these “losses” to going to recover, but the homologatienormen to adapt. Thus, the Belgian tax authorities are still working with the outdated NEDC standard instead of the more “realistic” WLTP. Stronger still: for newer models is even a NEDC-recalculation on the basis of the WLTP standard run.