Mclaren’s history of the M6GT to the Senna


McLarens geschiedenis van de M6GT tot de Senna #1

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This movie shows in a little more than 5 minutes the evolution of the McLaren range between 1970 and 2018. It starts at the M6GT and overflows through the not to be sneezed at F1 a couple of chapters from the history of the brand.

Bruce McLaren used one car from its construction until his death in 1970: the M6GT. This model, which is actually a prototype, start with the summary of the history of McLaren in 5 minutes by Cars Evolution. It took then until 1993, with the legendary F1 for we still have a McLaren saw that the public road on if. But only from 2012, the manufacturer at cruising speed with the MP4-12C. Each year there were one or more models, including the P1, the 720S or the Senna. The movie devotes especially on the F1 (with his golden hood), the MP4-12C (and its chassis), the P1 (and the defibrillator for the mekanieker) and Senna (with its active spoiler).