Porsche also wants a flying car


Porsche wil ook een vliegende auto #1

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Electric and automatic driving are not the only technological challenges for the car industry of the time. About the files to be able to fly is apparently also an increasing trend.

The idea in itself remains very futuristic. And all the information about the topic pops up, helps, of course, more to a kind of hype to create than to real leads to show for the personal mobility of the future. But still, it would be even Porsche now do feel something for a vehicle that can fly, a kind of cross between a taxi and a drone. The engineer has that information not yet officially confirmed, but Detlev Von Plates, sales manager at Porsche, would recently, however, about the idea to have spoken with a German magazine. According to news agency Reuters, that the information world has made, he would more specifically have spoken about interest in the development of autonomous flying taxi’s: “It really likes stitch. If I of Zuffenhausen to Stuttgart airport drive, should I assume a half hour travel time, if all goes well. Through the air, that would be only three and a half minute take”. The idea seems surprising, but is not so crazy. Several other car brands such as Daimler or Audi are working together with luchtvaartspecialisten on similar projects. Porsche will undoubtedly not only be left behind if this idea of flying taxis… of the ground would come.