Subaru: no manual gearboxes anymore?


Subaru: geen manuele versnellingsbakken meer? #1

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Subaru, that the safety of his Eyesight system want to generalise, would the manual transmission to completely specify, for the benefit of its CVT automatic transmission. The end of an era?

Many believe in the brand, Subaru is still the era of the brute (Impreza) WRX. A purely mechanical age, based on the drukgevoede boxer engine, permanent four-wheel drive and, also, a manual gearbox. But now Subaru rather seen as the constructor of the “safest cars in the world”. That want to achieve via the active safety of four-wheel drive and the electronic driver assistance systems of his Eyesight-program. These systems would, in the coming years a lot more automatically go to work. And so they can’t with a manual gearbox to be combined, because otherwise some functions are unavailable. That is what Chris Graham, the person responsible for Subaru in the Uk market, has predicted our colleagues from AutoExpress at the Geneva motor show. Offering a manual version that is not compatible with the latest functions of the Eyesight, would, according to him, the general safety message cloud that Subaru in his range trying to inject. Besides, all the recent models of Subaru, such as the Levorg, XV, Impreza and Outback are only still with the CVT automatic transmission Lineartronic offered.