Tesla truck performs first delivery from


Tesla-vrachtwagen voert eerste levering uit #1

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Tesla’s truck on batteries has its first cargo delivered, a few month before he officially comes on the market.

The electric truck of Tesla in the course of 2019 come to the market. But he now drives all around: he even has his first commercial ride behind the back. And the customer is none other than Tesla itself. The truck is left in Tesla’s Gigafactory, at 1,200 metres altitude in Nevada, with a load of batteries for the car plant in Fremont, California. The drive through mountainous terrain, was about 400 kilometers long, and it was decided on a single battery charge passed, since Tesla for his truck and a range of 480 to 800 kilometers of promises depending on the type of battery. The Tesla trucks will this route regularly to travel to batteries at the factory to deliver. The manufacturer even has a network of “Megachargers” neergeplant on the road, the trucks just 30 minutes of 640 km of range and can recharge.

100 trucks for Pepsi

The Tesla truck has quite a bit of interest aroused. Pepsi has for example 100 copies ordered, and UPS 125 pieces. Also the leader of DHL recently said that he is convinced that the electric truck soon could muster given the savings on fuel costs and maintenance. Now just have to wait and see if Tesla customers on time will be able to deliver in the…