Aiways: electric Chinese supercar by Gumpert


Aiways: elektrische Chinese supercar door Gumpert #1

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The Chinese Aiways light, literally, a corner of the veil of his future electric supersportwagen, who at the salon of Beijing is presented. The game is developed by Roland Gumpert, creator of the Gumpert Apollo.

This is the first image of the supersportwagen that the Chinese Aiways at the following salon of Beijing in april will reveal. The cloth covered a large part of the bodywork, but it can be very angular front and the overall muscular look, not hide it. Although the roof can’t see it, we know it to be a roadster. Aiways for the development of the bolide, an appeal is made to a reputable personality: Roland Gumpert, the former leader of the sports department of Audi in the glory days when the Quattro’s shone in the rallying world. But Gumpert has also his own brand, now sold and renamed the Apollo. Aiways remains discreet about the technical characteristics of the game. We only know that 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds can be tapped and that the range between 600 and 800 km. Further, the structure built in a mixture of steel with an ultra-high resistance and carbon fiber.