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Until now, all Dacia’s based on an ancient and proven platform. Future generations would, however, be entitled to the completely new technical basis of the next Renault Clio 5. A revolution?

Technically, all Dacia’s today based on the B Zéro-platform of Renault, which is already half of the 1990s stems. It is the basis of the Clio II. There would soon, however, radically change in the future according to Laurens Van Den Acker, designdirecteur of the Renault group. To our colleagues of the magazine Challenges, he told that “the third generation of the Logan/Sandero is built on the new platform CMF-B”. That is the brand new compact modular platform of the next Clio-generation, the fifth, which is about a few month is proposed. That radical change gives a lot more possibilities on designvlak, so exults Van Den Acker. But it does give Dacia the opportunity to gradually prepare for electrification and future safety standards. “In the long term will be the CMF-B the B Zero under all Dacia’s have been replaced. The models need to be electrified, and by 2020, be driver assistance systems mandatory,” said Bruno Ancelin, managing director for product planning at Renault, to Challenges. Dacia, however, would still have the old B Zéro-platform can continue to use for specific models that are sold in other markets with less stringent standards, such as, for example, Russia. But for Europe that soon will no longer be possible.