Police: 50 percent gebuisd


Wegpolitie: 50 procent gebuisd #1

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To their teams of traffic police to strengthen, the competent minister has promised to 83 additional forces to recruit. Unfortunately, the candidates it is very difficult to succeed for the fitness detection test.

According to a study of the management of the police that came out last year, would the police in all the provinces, about 20 percent of manpower too short. As a result, minister of the Interior Jan Jambon promised to 83 additional people to recruit to their teams to strengthen. Already, he immediately called a blow to the arm, because in an interview with our colleagues of the Knack he said in his decision that it was not sure “that there are for each vacancy, a candidate would emerge”. According to the figures of the FPS Home Affairs pulls the profession of police officer, less and less people. And now it seems another problem to submit: – the candidates who have still to emerge, to reach the level required for the entrance exams. In the case of the police going to have a success rate of just 50 percent, according to figures from Sudpresse. According to agents who have been interviewed by our colleagues, would be the low percentage is due to a lack of vehicle control (vehicle) and by a moderate theoretical knowledge, especially of the most current amounts. Some also point to the low quality of the training that is provided by the National Police academy (ANPA). Whatever the cause, it looks not that simple for the workforce of the police to expand.