Elektromobiliteit: large German investments


Elektromobiliteit: forse Duitse investeringen #1

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The German auto industry limps today lags behind in comparison with some Asian, American or French brands in the field of electric cars. Therefore, they are investing now massively in the technology.

EY, the former Ernst&Young in Frankfurt, a study presented to the investments that are done in elektromobiliteit. And from the figures of the bureau appears unmistakably that the German industry will be lagging behind seems to want to keep up with coarse artillery to tackle. As we learn on the one hand, that the German automotive manufacturers and by far the largest investment in elektromobiliteit. But on the other hand, knows the country also, most of the investments in the technology. So, according to ernst & young germany in the past two years, less than 3.2 billion euros are pumped into elektromobiliteit, as opposed to ‘just’ 990 million euros in China and 890 million in the United States. Further on we read that the German groups Volkswagen, Daimler and BMW under their threes since the beginning of 2016 all 4.7 billion euros have been spent on electric mobility… to a global total of 5.2 billion. The German brands have to today see how the Chinese BAIC, the Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi and Tesla are leading in the technology, but the plan is to use this massive investment from 2019-2020 the baton to take over the market, flooding it with electric models.