Wallonia wants to “intelligent” roads


Wallonië wil “intelligente” wegen #1

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Walloon Mobility minister Carlo Di Antonio has its strategic plan, “ITS” revealed. That stands for “Intelligent transportation system”, and the Walloon train station and modernise it. The whole plan would be 166 million euros in costs.

The news today is being flooded by “intelligent” or autonomous vehicles. But that can adjust their input to find if the infrastructure is at least as “intelligent”. Wallonia is clearly not going to be on this plane to remain behind. Carlo Di Antonio, Walloon minister for Mobility, has a big plan announced for the big Walloon roads. The plan is called ITS, cost of 166 million euro and the Walloon roads and highways intelligent. The heart of the system is formed by an IT-system the traffic, live monitors, and that the network administrators helps to make the flow of traffic to send. The system further includes new, connected traffic signals, and adaptive traffic signs and marquees along the highways. Furthermore it includes the wide range of even a large expansion of the number of telstations and weerpunten to the state of the traffic even more closely to follow-up. Also in september on Walloon territory a hov lane on the E411 motorway between Wavre and Brussels (despite protest of Flanders) and between Arlon and Sterpenich. An infrared camera ‘sees’ and the number of passengers on board of the cars sit. Finally, the directors themselves also in these “intelligent” change involved with using new mobile apps arising from this modernisation programme, which is also the end of this year, would start.