A shortage of alcantara ?


In many, mostly luxury cars is alcantara, a synthetic fabric made from polyurethane, polyester, and microfiber. The suede-like texture and feel, combined with a very good durability make for an immense demand for the substance, which is so great that the manufacturer no longer can.
Alcantara 4

Origin of the material

Alcantara was in the ’70s of the last century, developed by the Japanese Toray Industries and italy’s ENI, which specially for this purpose, the company Alcantara S. p.A. founded, the only company that this material can and should produce.

Currently, the Alcantara 8 million metres of fabric per year, produce, but by the ever-increasing demand is that too little. Director Andrea Boragna did not even know up to 20 percent of orders have to refuse, because there is simply not enough can be produced.
Alcantara 3

More production

But for all the fans: there is hope on the horizon. Boragna announced that they have 300 million euros will invest to ensure that they within a short time, the production of alcantara can double.