Engineered pompverstuivers Audi A6 TDI (part 1)


The clash between the supplier and the consumer about a pumped-jet of a Car, the A6, was already in an advanced stage when the Court decided an independent expert in the matter to investigate and to make a determination of which one of the two parties are not happy. Thus formulated, the court’s ruling, both parties agreed, and Tech|X, the contract was awarded.

The case was turned on directly after the purchase of the Audi A6 TDI, year of manufacture 2006 with a count of 235.000 km. The engine was a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo-diesel with engine code ‘BRE’. Already the day after purchase is reported by the owner that the engine, under certain circumstances, it is not nice and ran up and somewhat ‘stuttered’. Also switched on the automatic gearbox does not always run smoothly.

Because the car after the notification of these complaints by a large number of technical and less technical hands is gone, was an ambiguous knitted of whole – and half-truths, and followed the ‘big vingerwijzen’. The question of the court was therefore whether the aforementioned complaints still were present and by the prospective buyer could be provided, or to be expected.

The large vingerwijzen is started

The car was already a longer period in a closed area, there were quite a lot of work to be performed in order to ensure a proper test drive. So I decided as first the hefty dossier to me. It was found that the owner, after the filing of the complaint, at the request of the supplying party of the car there has made its way has continued with a own.

Gemanipuleerde pompverstuivers Audi A6 TDI (deel 1)

Because the supplier does not have a workshop had, were repair and diagnosewerkzaamheden outsourced to a fellow company in the area where the injectors were tested. Now it is a BRE engine fitted with so-called pompverstuivers (PD), which is not just on every test bench can be tested. Only a handful of dieselspecialisten in the Netherlands have a test bench equipped with cams, which the vaporizers can control, to produce a real image.

A test is always accompanied by a report describing the results under different inspuitomstandigheden are listed. The query of this report, however, had quite a lot of feet in the earth. There were three phone calls and three e-mails will be required after ten days to learn that there is no test report was present. Or at least, not more outdated. However, he did the repairer to report that three pompverstuivers were tested, of which one was defective. This was replaced and the other two were replaced in the engine.

Problem solved, question of guilt is not

Then the engine was fine and the problems were solved. The test was performed by a very reputable dieselspecialist, says repairman. You will understand that these reports are not sufficient in order to be able to transform into a good and well substantiated report. However, is that whatever answers do, they call with some regularity to new questions. The request for documentation regarding the repair to hand, such as in – and outgoing invoices and/or work orders, was again after ten days to answer the notice states that the also no longer available.

My last attempt to have something tangible in their hands to get involved an interview with the aforementioned and I am very well known dieselspecialist. Which again, but now only two, the new questions resulted. They came to the conclusion that either they all of the documentation surrounding the verstuivertest are lost, or the verstuivertest has never taken place.

I decided to do this and this first part of my report on the pompverstuivers to close off with the presumption that it is sometimes a long, but interesting case might be. There will be a number of follow…