The latest Pagani huayra, and more, L’ultimo


All good things come to an end, so also to the series, Pagani huayra, and more. Because from the very first production model was made clear that there are only 100 huayra, and more cuts would be made. And the news is leaked that one currently has started the construction of the last occurrence of which is aptly L’at the End is called.
Pagani Huayra L'Ultimo 3

The reason for the limited edition of the huayra, and more coupe has everything to do with the deal that Horacio Pagani made with Mercedes-AMG, which is only 100 6.0-litre V12 twinturbo’s for the coupe would make. And now so the last coupe built. But do not mourn, the production of the roadster is only just getting started.

This L’at the End, as all of the huayra, and more, on special order, made for Brett David, CEO of Prestige Motors in Miami. David designed the car in close collaboration with Horacio himself. The livery is that of the Formula 1 car of Lewis Hamilton, a tribute to canada would of AMG. The chance is small that car to a customer will be sold, but with enough money, who knows.
Pagani Huayra L'Ultimo 3

The photos shown are a 3d rendering of the yet to produce L’Ultimo, from the Pagani factory itself, and with thanks to DuPont Registry.