5 tips for car drivers about motorcyclists


Especially for the car drivers here are five tips on how you take into account the riders, that with this beautiful weather in large numbers on the road.

1. Realize their vulnerability

A motorcyclist is extremely vulnerable. The agility and speed of a motorcycle, the driver can often from dangerous situations, but things start to go wrong it is often still really error. Most drivers of a vehicle are aware of this and act on it, but it is also as autorijder of great importance to understand.
2. Give space

An engine is a lot smaller than a car and therefore appears to be fine to stay in a much smaller space on the road, but this is usually an illusion. In order to properly maneuver a motorcycle rider the necessary space around it necessary. So don’t go too close to a motorcyclist or driving and give them plenty of room on narrow roads. It is very intimidating for a rider to be pushed aside, they are not protected by a steel body.

3. Shows that you see them

Let as a driver of a car clearly see that you a rider see. Then with a gesture or through the way you express yourself with your car positions. But whatever you do, make sure that there is no misunderstanding arises. A car can easily an emergency stop, a motor is that much more difficult.
4. Note in the file

In the Netherlands it is tolerated that the motors in the file between the cars ride. This should be done between the most left lane and the track in addition, something that most motorcyclists to keep. You stand in one of these jobs, consider the possibility that a motorcycle can get. Give them space, but most of all: don’t change suddenly, of course, and throw certainly not just your door open without looking. You can be a life save.

5. Note with windows spraying

In the warm periods you car window quickly filled with beaten down insects with a good summer washer fluid for easy removal. But before you do that, take a look or behind you happen to be no motorcycle rides. Because a lot of your sprayer is about your car, right in the face of the rider. That is with the visor of the helmet closed all is not fine and is unsafe, but with an open mind can be the driver of the motorcycle really even see anything, what can be very dangerous.

All of us are on the same road and we all want to safely return home. Hopefully getting car drivers with these five tips for a better understanding of the motorcyclists and the weather is a bit finer on the road.