Lotus Exige Sport 410: yes, another one


Lotus Exige Sport 410: jawel, nog eentje #1

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Lotus launches yet another version of the Exige. This time he’s called Sport 410 and it is a less radical variant of the Cup. He must be in sas feel on track but should also not shy rides on the public road.

With the Exige Sport 410 Lotus has (yet again) a new derivative thought of one of his models. This Exige enjoys an adjustment that is based on that of the ultimate Cup 430. He can rely on an arsenal of stroomlijnelementen in carbon fiber: kofferspoiler, splitter, in – and outlet for air, cover for the engine compartment and diffuser. This will generate this Lotus a maximum downward load of 150 pounds (60 kilos at the front and 90 kilos at the back). The engine, the 3.5 V6 with compressor, Toyota, developing 416 hp at 7.000 r/m and 420 Nm. With an empty weight of 1.108 pounds, the Exige Sport 410 enough to 3,3 seconds to 100 km/h sprint. As a coupé reaches a top of 290 km/h, the roadster is limited to 233 km/h.